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Another thought on patriotism.

Posted by usngunner, Nov 22 2008, 23:57

I have been working in the "north east" in the last week. A true inner Yankee sanctum. The land of zip codes that start with at least one "0".

I was at lunch with a customer, and quite frankly constrained, as one needs to be careful mixing business and personal political views. Yeah, it applies to me too. I just try to be smarter than Zumbo and Cooper. The other sides knives are even sharper than ours though. wink.gif

Anyway, the economy came up as did the auto makers situation. As it was being discussed, I knew they were going to ask my take, so I was formulating what I hoped to be an honest yet non confrontational reply. In the midst of this I had yet another epiphany. Here in a nutshell was my take on it.

One of the guys said that "Well, most people don't think that politics affects them directly." Shazaam! that is when the light came on.

I told them that is exactly the problem. As long as the decent honest hardworking folks of this country are tooling around Euphoria not paying attention, this is the government that we are going to get.

Folks, it's not about right, left, green, brown, pink or any of that bullshit. It is about what is right for this country. I don't give a tinkers damn what party you belong too as long as you are honestly concerned for the Country's welfare and not a power trip to drive a personal agenda.

Socialism, no matter what it's called, isn't it.

Communism, no matter what it is called, isn't it.

Taking billions (that is 1,000,000,000 x ??????) of our tax dollars to bail out mortgage companies that made bad choices isn't it.

Taking billions (that is 1,000,000,000 x ??????) of our tax dollars to bail out automotive companies that made bad choices isn't it.

Taking billions (that is 1,000,000,000 x ??????) of our tax dollars to bail out the unions that helped drive the auto companies to make bad choices isn't it.

I'll be honest, I hope that every union in this country goes down the tube. Unions are socialism and communism incarnate.

Why in the name of all that is holy would you want to be tied to the laziest mouth breathing moron in the facility that has the same amount of time in if you have skills? Good golly miss molly, and to have unionized "government" employees? Now there is the recipe for the laziest of the laziest. Chicago's Department of Streets and Sanitation comes to mind locally. rofl.gif

It's thanksgiving, read the actual history and accounts, not the "Indians saved the ignorant white honkies" version.

Thanksgiving is a clarion call against socialism. If Bradford had not done away with the collective, they would have all starved to death.

Who in their right mind thinks you can spend money you don't have?

Who in their right mind thinks reducing the amount of an expansion is a "cut"?

Who in their right mind thinks that pouring more money into a failing business plan is prudent?

Here is one of my favorites. You have a state wide election by the people. In that election the majority of the people say "we want this to be our position on an initiative". Then because it doesn't fit what they want, some jack a** judge steps in and tells the PEOPLE of an entire state that they can't do that?

EXCUSE ME? This weasel hasn't been dragged through the streets chained to a street car all the way to the Panama Canal why? What the hell does judicial activism mean anyway? What exactly are "community standards" for?

Folks, if the honest God fearing hard working people of this country don't stand up right now, I figure there will not be a need in the future.

This country will cease to exist as we know it.

"Bread and Circuses". Be afraid, be very afraid.

Really nice Beer. Clipper City Brewing's "Loose Cannon".

Posted by usngunner, Oct 30 2008, 18:52 in Pure Decadence

Today, well let's just say it's time for beer call.

I stopped by the store on my way home and picked up a six pack from a micro-brewery in Baltimore, Maryland called Heavy Seas, Loose Cannon by the Clipper City Brewing Company.

Lately I have been on an India Pale Ale (IPA) kick and have been trying some new ones when I find them. The Goose Island Pale Ale is pretty good, and the Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner is excellent but it never hurts to try new things. Usually.

I will be honest, I actually bought it the first time because of the artwork. A crusty ole pirate on deck with cannons blazing.

However, that wouldn't have got it back in the fridge a second time though had it sucked. I would have fed it to company. wink.gif

This however, has moved right to the top of my favorite list. And I might be in bad trouble, I bought the last six pack that the store had here. Illinois is a long haul for beer, but our Hy-Vee carries a pretty nice selection. I'm praying for a new delivery soon.

If you're a hop guy looking for a nice over the top IPA, I have to give this one two barrels up! If you're near Baltimore, even a better reason for a Sunday trip. Lucky East Coasters!

Respectfully submitted,


Why would a shooter vote Democratic? PT 2.

Posted by usngunner, Oct 29 2008, 21:06 in Political

Well, today the board of directors at Cooper Firearms of Montana asked for Dan Cooper's resignation as president of Cooper Firearms.

I'm sure that there will be those that will decry that action as "shooters eating their own" just like with the Zumbo debacle. Ruining a mans lively hood over his personal beliefs.

I don't see it that way. I see it as shooters pulling together in a mutual defense. We have enough enemies without our own working to accelerate the demise of our sport and personal liberties.

Mr Cooper does have the right to support and vote for who ever he likes. I spent my life in the service to make sure that stayed the case.

But by the same token, I have the same rights, not only to vote and support the politicians of my choice, but I also have the right to refuse to do business with a company that routinely goes against my belief system.

My father will never again go to or watch a St Louis sports team again. Every time the Concealed Carry Weapon initiative for Missouri came up on the ballet, it lost. Primarily because St Louis was included, and the Professional sports teams ran massive campaigns against the CCW permits.

The legislature finally got it passed by specifically excluding St. Louis from the areas eligible for permitting. That meant St Louis couldn't vote on it. It passed overwhelmingly.

Personally, I refuse to go to a movie that has Johnny Depp in it. I will not rent nor buy any of his movies and will not even have one in my house. My wife and daughter went to a friends house to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The same holds true with the Dixie Chicks, the Baldwin Brothers, and a cast of others. I will vote with my wallet, and I will go out of my way to try and persuade others to do the same.

While my personal protest may not affect their bottom line much, I sleep pretty danged well.

Respectfully submitted,



Monday, bloody Monday.

Posted by usngunner, Oct 27 2008, 20:52

I ran into another topic today. I was asked if I it didn't bother me to play so heavily on "Americanism" and didn't I think that I was on an awful high horse?

Well, quite frankly, NO!

I come from an era when a mans word was his bond, his handshake collateral. My parents and grandparents didn't have a lot, but what they had they earned. Literally and figuratively.

My Paternal Grandfather Ben walked the 9 or 10 blocks to work in the foundry at the Cannon Bronze every day of the week his entire life. In northern Illinois that can get dicey. They had a car, but driving to work was a waste of 35 cent a gallon gas. The car was for special occasions or calling on folks. Every morning my Grandma got up, fried an egg and sent gramps off with his thermos of coffee and a fried egg sandwich. This went on for at least 45 years.

My paternal grandmother Zola had lived through the great depression, and had no intention of reliving the experience. After she passed away we were tearing down their house to make room to put in a trailer house for my Grandpa. The entire upstairs of that house was full of food. Literally. We hauled cases of canned food, potted meat, dried beef, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, flour, soups, you name it. But she was putting food away against the day. She often said "It happened once, it can happen again." One of my strongest memories of my grandma was all of us kids standing in line at Zayre's store. If there were a sale on something my Grandma used or liked but said "limit 2 per customer", all the grand kids got loaded up and got to drive the hour to go shopping. She would give us each our two items, the coupon, and the exact amount it was going to be and we would all go through the line like baby ducks following the mama duck. My grandmother was an exceptional woman.

My Maternal Grandparents were farmers. Came from a long line of farmers. My great grandfather cleared an island in the Mississippi River and grew sorghum to make molasses on it. All with a horse and single bottom plow.

That's the way my grandpa Leo grew up. Not long before he died he told me about his little brother. I never knew he had had one. Come to find out he died right after his baptism. It was an hour wagon ride to the church, his brother was born in the winter. He caught pneumonia on the trip and died of it. Gramps had bury his brother on the bluff north of town. But that story was delivered matter of factly. He wasn't complaining, it's just the way it was. There are no guarantees in life.

My gramps farmed with ox and horse all the way up to a John Deere 4020, and that 4020 was living in the high grass to hear him tell it.

When he got older and couldn't keep up with the growing farms, he went to work for the grain elevator in town. He unloaded trucks, drove some, you name it, what ever needed done. The elevator is on the river, and they need a tug to move barges around for loading. Well, grandpa built one. He welded a hull up, slapped a Detroit Diesel 671 in it and off he went. Found out he need a higher wheel for the empty barges so he added one on. Danged thing worked great, he sold it when he retired, and they were still using it a couple of years ago.

My Maternal Grandma Iris farmed with gramps, drove the wagons and later trucks to town to sell the harvest, slaughter livestock, you name it. She collected the eggs, slaughtered chickens, cooked, made the butter, the whole nine yards. In the winter they shut off the upstairs of the house, slaughtered a beef and some hogs and hung them. That was the meat locker for the winter. They cured their own meats, had a hand pumped well in the kitchen (which Grandma was very proud of) and used an outhouse until the late 70's.

They never asked anybody for a hand out, nor would they have taken one. They also never laid the blame for the problems they had on somebody else's doorstep. Just as an example, the flood of 93 took out my Grandpa Leo's home. While he was entitled to a FEMA trailer, and they were going to give it to him, he insisted on paying for it. This is about at age 85 or so. Then he grew tomatos, potatos, watermelon and stuff to sell on a stand in his yard on the honor system. Put all the vegetables out there with a metal coffee can for the money. He was pretty proud of his produce. I think it's what kept him going.

That's my heritage. I'm not trying to hold them forth as saints, or something they're not. They weren't perfect. They were just folks, but God fearing hard working people with a conscious that appreciated what they had. I'd be willing to guess those stories are pretty much the same for anyone my age that grew up in the midwest farm country.

I've always figured I come from some pretty hardy stock. I have always tried to live up to their good examples and not shame them or their memory. I'm not sure that I've always succeeded, but I've tried. When I knew I fell off the path I got back on. We do our best, it's all we can do.

And that is I think part of the problem. It just doesn't seem that folks worry about that sort of thing anymore.

I'm not sure what has to happen to get us back to that point. But we have to get back there.

Those people are the ones that put men into space and onto the moon. They defeated on of the worst murdering regimes Europe has ever known. "The Greatest Generation" is indeed an accurate accolade.

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's time to saddle up and speak out. If the quiet majority stays silent all will be lost. The minority fringes are the loudest screamers in the room and they're getting their way. We have to step up and speak for our positions. We can make a difference.

I'm not sure how this will play out, but I do know that I cannot sit by idle and let all that those folks lived and died for drain down a sewer. We owe them better than that.

In my humble opinion of course. biggrin.gif

Enough, is quite frankly enough!



Why would a shooter vote Democratic?

Posted by usngunner, Oct 26 2008, 16:24 in Political

I was in a conversation the other day and a fellow shooter and hunter was trying to explain why he was voting for Obama (Democratic). Two of the big reasons he kept coming back to was "GW Bush destroyed Bill Clintons excellent economy and squandered the surplus? The other was that McCains pick of Sarah Palin showed clearly his lack of reasoning capability. These are my thoughts on those subjects.

The Clinton booming Economy?

President Clinton inherited Ronald Reagan's economy and killed it. Seriously.

Remember the 2000/2001 recession? The economy had been declining all of 2000, it dumped in 2001.

I am unfortunately in a good job position to see what's happening. My company builds high end machine tools for sheet metal fabrication. Lasers, punching machines, Brake Presses, Shears, etc. I am in a different manufacturing facility, usually in different states every day. Yep, a serious road warrior. It gives me lots of reading, watching, listening time though.

I watched the manufacturing slow down, companies down sizing the whole nine yards. We in the machine tool industry usually feel these things first. You can stretch the life of a machine tool for quite awhile.

Here's a hint. Look to the high end luxury stuff. One of our customers builds high end refrigeration for the upscale market. The stuff when you walk into a kitchen you don't see the fridge. Very pricey. By the end of 2000 they were down from 3 shifts 7 days a week to 5 days, 1 shift, no overtime. The rich folks stopped remodeling and buying luxury items. I call that an "indicator".

Up until 2001, we were loosing orders for machines because a. We could not build and deliver machines fast enough. and B. We couldn't find enough good help to keep up with the already pending installations we had pending. In the machine tool industry, we call this "Nirvana".

It didn't get us through 2001 though. My company is now half the size it was before that one, and those that survived took a 5% cut in pay for the privilege. But, a job at 5% less than before is still better than unemployment. We've finally got it all back, but it was ugly for a long long time.

But because I could see what was coming my wife and I started planning accordingly. We were looking at buying a house, and I told my wife to start saving every extra nickel we could, houses were about to get cheap. I was right, we bought our house that fall and got a really good deal. Sometimes being right isn't good though.

The Election.

I was laughing through the entire campaign season while Gore and Bush argued about "the surplus". Oh yeah, the imaginary surplus. Snuffleupagus delivered it I believe. That was complete hooey and anybody seriously paying attention knew it.

Lock box? Yeah, that's the ticket.

Ok, back to reality. blink.gif

Who had been the president for the previous 8 years? Come on, you can say, we all know the answer.

Bush hadn't been in office long enough to have had any effect at that point.

Here comes the rant.

I cannot stand apologists and blind followers dragging us to "Euphoria", land of Euphorian's. Regardless of party affiliation. I will repeat myself, Regardless of party affiliation.

Neither the republican party nor the democrats are worth a damn anymore. I voted for Bush and have been disappointed ever since. He spent and grew government like a democrat anyway.

I despise McCain and have for many years. Maverick? My buttocks.

He is a freaking RINO (Republican In Name Only) and I think a little psycho. But, I don't believe that he would try to disarm us nor try to send us down the marxist path quite as quickly as Obama. But after his "We need to buy up mortgages to keep families in their homes" speech the other day, I do believe he wants to go there too.

Sarah Palin.

The Palin argument is a dead horse too while I am at it. Give me a break. How much international experience did a certain governor from Arkansas have when elected? At least it's actual executive branch experience and not being one "saucer" out of a set.

Upon his return, Jefferson visited Washington and asked why the Convention delegates had created a Senate. "Why did you pour that coffee into your saucer?" asked Washington. "To cool it," said Jefferson. "Even so," responded Washington, "we pour legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it." Cite is here.

Mule muffins! If that is what your basing you decision on, you are as screwed up basing your decision for president on who he may pick for cabinet appointees. Supreme Court judges yes, cabinet weenies, no.


I live in Illinois. I know Obama, and Durbin both. Freaking BHO is my districts senator. They are rabid Chicago corrupt political machine anti gun Liberals of the worst sort. They will come after your guns. Plan on it.

And if you stand there with the Fudd attitude, "Well, they won't take my bird gun/deer rifle/etc" I damn sure hope you stand up for those that resist the seizures when they start.

I'm no political scholar by any stretch but I pay attention. And when I see a catchy headline or provocative discussion on the radio or TV and try to read the back trail and get the real story minus spin. That way I know for myself and can make an informed judgment.

I do not understand how can a gun owner and hunter can vote to give Pelosi, Schumer, Kennedy, Reid, and all the other gun banning/taking liberals a super majority?

How can people be so ignorant as to think they aren't going to do what they promised and have been trying to do for years? The Clinton gun ban will look like a repeal of both the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act of 1968 when these weasels get done.

Please, Please Please! For the love of Pete, drop the "feel good" I hate Bush and the war propaganda talking points and do what is actually right for the country and it's people. Not a teachers union, not ACORN, not even the NRA. But for the long term good of our country.

And that has nothing to do with either candidate. Here's what I think.

We all need to stand up and get some term limits imposed. That will stop the career politician gerrymandering and maybe get some folks in there that aren't there to get them and their families rich and do what is actually the right thing. If nothing else they won't be there long enough to build some impenetrable power base. That would be a good start.

I know it's a long shot, but if we don't get this crud fixed pretty damn soon, we are way on our way to a civil conflict the likes of what hasn't been seen in a hundred years or so. What is going to happen when the economy completely collapses, the welfare system crashes and all the recipients can't get their food, beer and smokes? Where do you think they are going to go to get them?

Check this blog out.

I honestly believe this guy nails it. I also think the reference to the Roman Empire is apropos given the current view of the country.

Please, Gentlemen, can we just drop the "feel good" emotional component, pull your family, friends and neighbors together and start making calls and sending polite emails that enough is enough. It doesn't matter which party they support, it's all gone to hell and needs scrapped. Term limits need to be the starting point, then we can start fixing it.

In my humble opinion of course. biggrin.gif

Enough, is quite frankly enough!