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  • Reading the wind

    Reading the wind

    Hey Folks,

    I wanted to post a thread for those of you that have trained here at CVT and for the ones that can't make it. This will be a review of wind reading basics. First thing is our formula: Inches X wind speed / by 1 minute of our distance. We have to have a range card that breaks our wind down to 1 mph. So that it shows us how many inches our bullet will move for every 1 mph of wind speed. Here's link to a ballistic chart you can use. You can fill in the blanks but be sure to only use 1 mph of wind speed rather than 10 mph.

    Now it should look something like this:

    Now the one on the left is for 40 degrees and under. The one on right is any over 70 degrees. Remember these are just a starting place. Now notice the column that reads 1 mph wind. Now scroll down to 600 yards. Both cards say at 600 yards your bullet will move 3" (inches) for every 1 mph of wind speed. So if we have a wind speed of 5 mph all we do is multiply 3" x 5 mph= 15" So now we know our bullet will move 15 inches in a 5 mile per hour wind at 600 yards. Now we need to change this...
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  • Sniper Reading List

    Sniper Reading List

    I've been working on and off on a list of books related to sniping. I've added all that I could find, and below is the list. I'm sure it's far from complete, so feel free to send me additions. Now, some comments about the format of the list:

    The list is broken down by categories, to hopefully make things easier to find:
    1. I've only included the title and author name(s). ISBN's change between paperback and hardcover editons, and also between First Edition, Second Edition, etc. Author & title should be all you need to find these at a bookstore, to order them from a bookstore, or to buy them online. For out of print titles, you can search on or
    2. I have not included any editorial comments on the books themselves. Some of the books are standard texts, some are ok, and some are trash (especially in the Fiction section, which is also the most incomplete). I will say the Grandfather's Tale was the most disappointing book I've read lately.
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