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  • American Snipers

    American Snipers

    I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to We've given them a little space here on SP to try to help them do what they do: provide much needed support to our Snipers serving overseas. For those of you that are not familiar with (formerly, please take a moment to visit their site and learn a bit about them.

    They need support now more than ever. The public's "interest" in the War On Terror has waned, gas prices are hitting folks hard, and donations to AmericanSnipers are way down. Our Snipers overseas not only need our logistical support for much needed gear, equipment and "creature comforts", but they also need to know that they aren't forgotten. They need to know that there are a lot of us back stateside that appreciate the outstanding job they are doing, and know that by them being overseas in harm's way, they are keeping us safe and warm here in the rear with the gear.

    Please take a moment to visit AmericanSnipers and give them a hand....
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  • Mission


    Sniper's Paradise was originally founded on June 6, 1996 under the name of "Sniper Home Page." The basic grounds here are formed from the active duty training and experience of USMC Scout/Snipers, US Army Snipers, and law enforcement Snipers, as well as many years of practical experience from the staff and members. Our goal at Sniper’s Paradise is to promote and promulgate the Art and Science of the Long Range Rifle. Whether civilian, military or law enforcement, all practitioners of the Long Rifle have a home here at Sniper’s Paradise. We pay homage to the Riflemen that made this great nation and work to keep us free to this day. From the dark woods of the original frontiers and the cotton bales of New Orleans, to the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, the American Rifleman is the tip of the spear used to enforce our will, as well as the strong shield to protect our citizens. Like my ol’ Gunny said, “If you ain't a Rifleman, you’re just support!” Papers and non-original quotes are credited to the proper people whenever possible. If you find s...
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