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WTB: Sionics M14SS-1

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  • WTB: Sionics M14SS-1

    Hi forum,

    I'm in the market for a 100% functional Sionics M14ss-1 suppressor. I want it to be functional and made for the M21 and not other weapons like the uzi. I know it is old technology but I want one for the historical value and functionality. I donít want a reproduction. I also want it to show use from Vietnam and therefore I'm not that interrested in a can that is repainted or reparkarized. I know they are not on the market every month, but help me spread the word. I will ofcause have the correct permits.

    looking forward to hear from you, if this is at all possible :-)

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    There's a blast from the past! I'm friends with several members of the WerBell family, I'll ask around.

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