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  • Suppressor in another state... ?

    I've heard that it may be possible for me to apply for a tax stamp in NV, buy a suppressor legally there and keep it there in NV... even though I reside in CA under the Kaliban. I have family in Reno and figured there might be a way for me to finally own a can even if I have to go visit it and it can't come home with me. Feels a little like a mistress but hey, I'm tired of people telling me I can't have something and for no good reason.

    Anyone? I'm thinking of something that could go on an AR I'm building (5.56) and perhaps my .22LR bolt gun as well. I know the squirrels wouldn't approve.
    I'm also thinking of taking a multi-day carbine class in NV so I figured it would be nice to have.

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    The world of Class III is a weird place. The tax stamp is Federal so I would imagine if your DL,CCW and everything else is in Kali it will trip you up. I would suggest shooting Liberty Suppresors a PM they know everything there is to know and if there's a way to sell you a can I'm sure they will tell ya..just my .02 That sucks bro...I hate people telling me I can't have shiit..good luck.

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      CCW? I wish... haha. "Will Issue" and "May issue" states are worlds apart. I'll see what Liberty says. I've always contemplated moving but to move would mean leaving behind my business and starting over (rock and a hard place) Thanks Sam.

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        You could set up a trust with one of your family members, using their address as the physical address on the trust. Since a trust is an entity, it would own the suppressors wherever you set it up at. Then it's legal, since you're not claiming to live somewhere else. I had to use a trust here in Washington, since our LEOs won't sign off on evil suppressors... I would look into a revocable living trust.


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          The only legal way to do that is to have your family in Reno establish a trust that you are a member/trustee of. A dealer may only transfer to a resident of the state in which his license is valid.

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