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Video of my reworked can from Liberty Suppressors

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  • Video of my reworked can from Liberty Suppressors

    This is not a scientific evaluation by any means, just my son and I trying out my "new" can. I just can't say enough about the rework that David Saylors at Liberty Suppressors did for me. The video image is a little grainy but the target is hanging on the wire at 100 yards below and between the two paper targets, small paper on the left and large on the right. It's a small orange toy bowling pin, approximately 3"x7". He's shooting Aguila 38 grain subsonics and the scope is a Vortex Viper with BDC reticle courtesy of Scott Berish at Liberty Optics.

    The round hitting the berm is louder than the report but there's enough seperation to tell which is which.

    Please excuse my lack of camera skills.

    The kid and the can.

    We really had a great time today.

    Semper Fidelis

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    Thats excellent shooting!

    Looks like a good time



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      God Bless America. Little off topic but that time with your son I'm sure brought back a lot of good memories for many. Your post's made me go down and pull out the Ruger Single Six and Winchester 67A that I taught my both my kids to shoot with. Gonna call my nephews next week they are 8 and 10 and get em outta NY to go shooting. Thanks for posting that.

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        That is awesome! Looks like you both had a great time.
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