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    I'm new here, but I have a minimal bit of info to contribute. I only satate what I know or understand to be true and will note as such---

    As was questioned earlier about the matter of the field effectiveness of a can, and that there is the effect of one guy dropping and his buddy just looking at him.... from Viet Nam there was noted by in country snipers that when they shot someone with a suppressed rifle, the impact of the bullet was signifigant and the typcial scenario was that the troops around the target heard the bullet impact thud on the unfortunate fellow before hearing the muzzle crack from the super sonic round. The bullet is supersonic, so it makes contact before the sound travels that far. This effect would be greater, the farther the distance.

    I have just recently bought an SWR .308 can. It is a preproduction model, the prototype for the Omega. The difference is that it is 1" longer. This was used for USMC trials and eventually became the Omega can. As Joe at SWR noted , it is slightly quieter. I have fired my 10FP with the can mounted (rifle cut to 20") and it is quieter with my 168gr. Sierra HPBT loads, with 44gr. or RE15, than a .22 rifle shooting subsonic 22LR. I have not developed subsonic loads yet.

    A point to note on the pig testing is that pigs are notoriously hard. The soulder plate is capable of deflecting a 30/30. One was shot broadside. If this plate was hit, it isn't going down. As noted by Snip1er,by essence, it wasn't a scientific test. I can't say much about the head shot though. I don't know how hard pig heads are.
    It would be interesting to see some ballistic gelatin testing to see relative penetration. Granted that it is only implied data, but shooting animals can display some strang information. My hunting experience has boggled me at times with some deer being hit very well and running near 100 yds, while others not hit so well and dropping nearly in their tracks.


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      The suppressor may be moved from gun to gun without problems. The suppressor (or can) is the registered item, not the host firearm. You may even use the can on rifles of other calibers than what the can caliber designation is. Example, a can registered as .30 or .308 may be used on 7MM-08 .270, .243, .22-250 etc.



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        A month too late on this reply... *snip*


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          A month too late on this reply... *snip*[/b]
          A month and 5 years bro...but it's a good post. I just put an AWC Thundertrap on a TRG 22 w/ 20" barrel and it changed my zero by 8 moa....Take care.
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            Hey Alpha, your Dept. issues laser guided missles. I have been asking mine to supply them for use against Meth labs for about a year with out any luck. Let me know how you went about getting the brass to give in. [/b]

            Just use a tracer in the building, THAT'LL FIX IT!