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  • 6mm Suppressor

    I'm looking for a good 6mm suppressor. I want a thread on and good first shot performance/tone. This is for a custom 6mmBR varmint rig. I realize this isn't tactical, but it is good fun and makes you learn the wind with those varmint bullets. I have larger quick detach suppressors, but I figured someone around here would have experience suppressing a .243Win or something.

    I'm looking for something so I don't have to wear hearing protection all the time while I wait for an east coast varmint to appear. Having done some research, I get conflicting stories. Those manufacturers who don't sell 6mm cans say the noise increase is there, but isn't that much. Those that sell 6mm cans, say it would be awful and the only option is to buy a dedicated 6mm can. Go figure.

    Looking at the baffles, it seems a lot of designs have very open bullet holes any ways. Sure 30 cal is a bit bigger than 6mm, but is it enough to make it worth while to get a dedicated suppressor?
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    I would call Liberty Suppressors and talk directly to David. He's the man when it comes to suppressors.

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      I am buying the Gem Tech .30 cal Sandstorm for my .308 and my 6.5mm.
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        Here ya go. This 243 is spooky quiet.

        I hope this link works.