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  • What Do You Get?

    SP Community Vendor - $300

    This package is designed for vendors that want to get their message out to Sniper's Paradise Members. With this package you get all the benefits as the SP Community Members, plus your own forum.

    Your forum can be named after your company or something else that you think will draw people in. Your forum will be your special place to let people know about your products, special sales, special offers, and it will also help you talk to people with pre and post sale questions.

    Company Forum
    Group Icon
    4 MB upload
    Ability to add personal photo to your profile
    A special color for your user name in the Online List to let others identify you as a SP Supporter.
    Can use your WindowsXP system to view the forums offline
    Flood control time limit dropped significantly (standard is 45 50 seconds)
    Email up to 100 members per day
    Mass PM members 100 at a time
    Store 150 PMs
    Edit posts up to 72 hours instead of the standard 30 minutes
    Ability to delete your own posts
    Ability to delete posts of others
    Ability to edit your own topics and titles
    Ability to edit other's topics and titles
    Ability to start a poll
    Access to the members only sections
    Access to Live Chat
    Ability to create photo albums and upload pictures in the Forum Photo Gallery
    Prerelease of Special serialized items SP Items
    14 to 30 day advance ordering on SP and other special items
    Ability to send out discounts, arranged with Sniper's Paradise, for all members or premium members only
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