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    Lake City M200 5.56 BLANKS. 1,000 round cases. Put on some face paint and scare the crap out of your neighbors or great for training for only $260/1,000

    Lake City M855 SS109 5.56 Green Tip. Now available in 500 round boxed cases instead of loose. Due any day now! It's in transit. $198/500 rounds. I'll post when they're here on the shelf.

    Still have Federal Gold Medal Match in all flavors at great deals as usual. Let me know your needs.

    Just got in some Hornady 250 grain 338 Lapua, Barrett .50 BMG and some other specialty ammo.

    Got some CCI or Federal (escapes me at the moment, doesn't matter anyway. it's all the same) .45 cal 230 grain ball due in next week that won't last long so if you need a case let me know.

    Cheers --- R

    US Armorment Ammo Department

    You're only as good as your last shot

    There is no compromise in war, there is just war...

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear
    arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government...

    Thomas Jefferson