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Last But Not Least From Leupold.

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  • Last But Not Least From Leupold.

    Another optics product worth investigating is Leupold's new RX1000 TBR Range Finder. This new unit features True Ballistic Range aiming information matched to the performance of your rifle or bow. By calculating the incline, line of sight range to the target, and a projectile's ballistics, the RX provides rifle shooters using Leupold Ballistics Aiming System reticles as well as bow hunters the correct equivalent horizontal distance for precise shooting on an incline. In other words, aim using the True Ballistic Range, not the line of sight range. Rifle shooters can also get this data as an MOA adjustment or a holdover point. With practice, long distance/steep angle shooting will become second nature. TBR is effective to 800 yards for most rifle cartridges> This unit is a bargain at $359 and easily outpaces the competition in price/value. We have these in stock and customer feedback has been 100%. --- R

    TBR 1000 Range Finder

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