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Upcoming Trade Ins Due Next Week...

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  • Upcoming Trade Ins Due Next Week...

    We have a few trades due in next week. If anyone is interested let me know. Of course the prices will be good!
    7 or 8 Remington 1187s ($250), 2 Sig P220s ($250), 1 Remington 700 P in .223. rifle only, 2 S&W 12ga pumps, 1 Remington 700 hunting rifle in .308, 1 Benelli Tactical Super 90, S&W 4566 as well as some odds and ends in the way scopes and red dots. --- Rory
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    Ok. So, are the sigs .45acp? If so I am definitely interested. What red dots/sights you got? Thanks buddy,

    Merry Christmas!
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      Hit me up on the 700p in 223
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