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  • One of SP's Gems

    For those of you who know Rory at US Armorment this no surprise for those who havent dealt with him he is THE MAN. There isn't much he can't get...the service is second to none and he ALWAYS takes care of the SP guys. Thanks again Rory...pulled my azz outta the fire on some late Christmas gifts.
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    I will second that!

    Last Christmas when I was needing Otis 5.56 and 7.62 kits to send to the soldiers..........Rory was the man who came thru!



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      Yep. Rory's the man. Older than me. Not as old as Vern. Course most aren't.

      He is always the guy to get whatever, and a good deal to boot.

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        Nice deals on some account created!

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          Yes, Rory is a great guy and even more a great friend. Always willing to go the extra mile to help. I like dealing with him because you get what you ask for and at a great price. Most of all he cares about the SP member here. The "Specials" he runs for us are always welcomed and needed. 45 ACP ammo is one item he's had great prices on for the SP members. Just one of many things like bi-pods, packs, scopes, kestrels and much more. US Armorment is listed at the top bar on my bowser and I always go there first.

          Merry Christmas, flea
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