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  • Engraving

    I finally got Gunny to let go of his toy to get some pictures for you guys.

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    Very nice!!


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      Very nice. How was the engraving done? Laser? By hand?
      Everbero Eminus


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        It's knowing that when I get up in the morning and my feet hit the floor, the Devil says, "Shit! He's awake!"

        Shortly before World War I, the German Kaiser was the guest of the Swiss government to observe military maneuvers. The Kaiser asked a Swiss militiaman: "You are 500,000 and you shoot well, but if we attack with 1,000,000 men what will you do?" The soldier replied: "We will shoot twice and go home."

        "There are so many Russians, and our country so small, where will we find room to bury them all?" - anonymous Finnish soldier


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          SEMPER FI!
          I was born an American; I will live an American; I shall die an American -Daniel Webster

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            STRONG LIKE BULL!!!
            "No sword? Use a stick. No stick? Use a rock. No rock? Use your fists and feet! Lose your life, but make the enemy pay!"


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              <span style="font-family:Garamond">$this->unconvert_size(24, Outfrigganstanding</span>)
              "It's better to live one day as a lion, than one hundred years as a sheep", Old Roman Proverb.
              "For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know", Author Unknown.
              "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!", Shakespeare, Julius Ceaser, Act III, Scene I.