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  • Welcome to Self Defense Shield!

    I'd like to welcome our newest Vendor. Their representative here at SP is ss58.

    I teach during my combat-oriented pistol classes that if you are a LEO, or a civilian who routinely carries a firearm or keeps one in the home for protection, then you need to have qualified legal representation on retainer. Some of the requirements I give for an attorney is that he has to be versed in law specifically pertaining to self defense (or defense of a third party) issues and they have to be able to be contacted 24/7. Face it, if you have to use a firearm in self-defense, statistics show that it will probably not occur from Monday - Friday between the hours of 0800 and 1600.

    Self Defense Shield meets the requirements that I list for my students.

    We all talk about being prepared, i.e., having a reliable, accurate firearm, having spare ammunition for it, having it readily accessible, training on a regular basis with it, carrying a flashlight(s) during hours of limited visibility, etc., etc. and so forth.......but how many of you out there have considered what to do AFTER the shooting? I'm not just talking about calling 911 and identifying yourself to the first responders, although those are important steps. I'm talking about what happens if the police arrest you, charge you and attempt to indict you. Even if that doesn't happen, you can guarantee that the family of the "poor soul" that you shot will sue you for everything you have. You need a good lawyer in your corner.

    Personal protection doesn't just mean protecting your life and health, it means protecting your assets, family and livelihood.

    If you are as serious about personal protection as I am, you'll hook up with Self Defense Shield.


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