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Welcome to Peach State Concealment!

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  • Welcome to Peach State Concealment!

    I'd like to welcome SP's newest vendor, Peach State Concealment!

    The owner, Austin, is a great guy that builds a great product at a killer price. When I couldn't find a holster for my Browning BDM 9mm, Austin built one with a matching mag my favorite OD green!

    He's not a member yet, but I'll post his username here as soon as he signs up so that y'all can contact him through the board. In the meantime, contact him through his website and let him know that you're from SP.

    Peach State Concealment

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    Welcome to Paradise!
    " If you want peace,prepair for war "- Imi Lichtenfeld
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      Hello everyone! As cmshoot stated my name is Austin and I run Peach State Concealment. Thank you very much for having me here.

      We are a small custom kydex company out of Temple Georgia and are always working on a way to make our products more efficient for the user, so if you have any feedback let me know. It will always be appreciated.

      We are constantly picking up various molds and items so that we can expand out inventory. Currently we cover 39 different pistols ranging from Glock's, M&P's, XD's, 1911's all the way to a Caracal. We've even made a car holster for a AK.

      If you do not see a item you would like a holster or pouch for just contact me. Most of the time if a local customer wants a holster and I do not have the mold I will invite that customer to my business and I will make the holster while he or she waits. If you are not local, still; contact me I will have a solution that will work for both of us.

      I will post some more information in other threads detailing some more of our specifics. Anyways thank you again to you all for having us here, we are very much looking forward to this!
      Owner of Peach State Concelment
      Visit My Website


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        welcome aboard !
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          Welcome aboard......lee........
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            Welcome to Paradise ...
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              "Flawed But Repeatable"


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                Welcome aboard!

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                  "If you are worried about your firearm getting scratched while carrying, just go put it in the safe."