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  • Good deals on scope?

    I am looking for a Variable power, FFP, Mildot recticle scope, possibly illuminated. With some where around 2-4.5 power on the bottom variable and some where around 12-16x on top. Also wanting to keep in the 40mm 42mm 44mm objective area(lower mounting in mind.) Ajustments no smaller than .25". Possibly Side Focus(not required) and built strong enough to survive and work well with the abuse of mil/LE/hunting use.

    By the way its going on a FN PBR XP with detachable mag, 24" barrel(for now may decide to change and suppess) and it already has a 20moa base on it. Also will need rings. Would love to stay under $1,000 but I know for quality some times you gotta fork out the extra dough... Wife doesn't understand it, sometimes neither do I. Just wanting to have to buy 1 scope and it work great 4 me 4ever withmy deployment money. It is also going to go with me to GPS Sniper School when I return. Any ideas would be great.

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    Also whats the difference between the 2 IOR 3-18x42 scopes? did I read rite that the illuminated model Second focal plane?


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      Yes, one is first focal plane, meaning you can range on any power. The second scope is second focal plane meaning you can range on 10X or you can range on 18X however, you will have to divide your mil reading by 1.8 and then divide that number into your formula. It's really quite easy. Target size in inches X 27.778 ( I use 27.8) divided by your mil reading.

      Hope this helps, flea

      PS on the first focal plane scope your crosshairs will get smaller as you dial you power down. Second focal plane they stay the same.
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        The FFP model has new "Gen 4" internals that is supposedly recoil tested and stout. So far so good on these. The new 2.5-10x42 FFP is really very nice. It has new internals too (I can verify this by looking at the turret housing). It has FFP with an illuminated dot and MP-8 A5 reticle like the 3-18.

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