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My Impressions From SHOT Show 2004

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    They are opening a Separate LE section next year, along with where the LE section is now. You can still get in a LE section just the separate one. The separate one will be in the room with the new products. Pretty good idea as now you will have LE in both rooms.


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      Regarding your comment on Chinese Optics. Had a phone conversation with a gentleman who sells china scopes and claims most of the good lenses that are used in European scopes come out of china. He sells a line of scopes that are suposedly used by the Chinese army. I will be looking at his line next week and see if he has been out in the sun too long. He hasn't heard of IOR.



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        Hi Scott

        Great article. I find it very incouraging since I have an IOR. Going through all the scopes you went through I only found two that had all the requirements I'm looking for "6-24x50 with illum reticle". The Zeiss and IOR. Between the two I preferred the IOR for two reasons $$ and the MP8 reticle which I find awsome. So when I look at all that's out there for Quality, price, & reticles, IOR wins. But that's me.
        Love that scope.

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          impressive and complet article thanks . it need to be printed !!!
          " IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, USE DUCT TAPE !" said Uncle Bowe