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    Attention all shooters. I am currently working on a system to try and get our cleaners further into the market. If you know of any dealers in your area who do not currently stock our cleaners, get them calling and in the know. Anyone who helps get a dealer to buy, gets some special discounts. I wouldn't ask for something without offering something in return and since you are SP people, they will be very good. Let me know!

    Also, we are working on some new things very shortly, which will hopefully make life a little easier in the field for maintenance.
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    I'll be telling the local shop, Blue Line Public Safety Supply, about this. Your cleaners are the best I've used, period. Anybody in particular I should have them contact?


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      Will do brother.....
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        I'll get Dixie Ammo Dump on it

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          Thanks everyone. If they need a contact, please have them contact Chris or Debbie. Lakotah, you know the deal, anyone that does it successfully gets the hook up.
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