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Welcome aboard to KG Industries!

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  • Welcome aboard to KG Industries!

    I would like to welcome our newest vendor, KG Industries!

    Y'all have seen me posting guns here on SP for years that were coated for me by KG Industries. They are hands-down my favorite finish, and great folks to deal with.

    Here's pics of many of the firearms I have had them coat over the years. I wish I was into colors other than black, gray and green, so you could see what kind of stuff they could do. Also, my picture-taking skills do not do these justice.

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    Hey KG,
    Welcome to Paradise! You do some really fine work !
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      Awesome, Glad to finally see them come on board.
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        Welcome to Paradise! I can't say enough of about their coatings. My "flea green", 1911 after many thousands of draws from a Blackhawk Serpa kidex holster still looks like brand new. The job they did on Crystals (Lakotah's better half) rifle was unreal. Tough as nails.
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          Chris and Joe,

          Glad to see you guys here. Your product speaks on its on, but I'd like to add, I've been using the KG products exclusively for 3 years now and it is by FAR the best stuff available on the market. The KG-1 and the KG-12 are must haves for anyone shooting precision rifles or hand guns. The coatings are super strong and they make no claims about being some kinda cera something they are not.

          The Fazio clan are also great supporters of the sport by sponsoring countless numbers of matches. They deserve your business!

          Bobby Keigans
          Freedom Gunworks Inc
          KG Industries Product Dealer
          Bobby Keigans
          Desert Tactical Arms Dealer featuring custom caliber conversions.


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            Thank you all for the warm welcome. We do appreciate all of the support. Without making this one big giant speech, I look forward to being a part of the SP world.

            Chris Fazio
            Gen. MGR
            KG Industries, LLC
            Products Limited Only by Your Imagination...


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              Welcome aboard! Glad to see you are partners with SP and your coatings are the best!
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