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AAC .300 Blackout ammo by Gunn Ammo, Inc.

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  • AAC .300 Blackout ammo by Gunn Ammo, Inc.

    AAC 300 Blackout 220 gr BTHP Sub Sonic $ 16 per 20 rds
    The bullet is a Sierra 220 grain Match King bullet, primers are CCI # 31. This is a sub-sonic load, clocking approximately 1040fps out of a 9" AAC barrel. Out of a CMMG 16" barrel it is doing approximately 1100fps. Barrel twist is 1/8.

    AAC 300 Blackout 130 gr. MK319 Super-sonic SOST (Special Operations Science Technology). $ 16 per 20 rds
    Average of 2300fps from a 16" barrel.

    This ammo is made by Gunn Ammunition, INC in Blakely, GA. Owned by US Marine veterans and made by Army veterans. We use the same machines as Hornandy, Remington and others.

    All new brass that will be mixed head stamp.

    All ammunition is guaranteed and properly inspected. We have tested this product extensively and it shoots MOA or better @ 100 yards.

    Please call Gunn Ammunition direct if you want to purchase. 229-723-3508. Place your orders now while it is still available.

    Semper Fi! Please call if you have questions or reasonable offers. 706-654-5614.

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