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    Thanks Mac, Will and Jerry I appreciate the kind words and thoughts.

    Brian, hello! Try keeping you eye on the crosshairs all the way through the recoil. As well as pressing the trigger straight back and holding it until the recoil has ended.

    Hey Howard, you know this stuff inside out my old friend. No, stick for you my "OLD" friend.

    Shoot well guys, flea
    "with the patience of an oyster....I watch and wait"

    Training the US, one shooter at a time.


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      Thanks as always for sharing the vast amount of knowledge that you have acquired, many people would never put forth anywhere near the time and effort that you do to improve the ability of all shooters who are willing to learn.

      Hi Folks,


      I'm asked all the time "what stock do I need flea?". I tell them "the one that fits you". Not a smart a$$ answer. The stock needs to feel like an extension of your body. I tell them the best advise I can give them is to go to an F class match or local long range class and look at stocks. Ask people if you can lay down behind their weapons and check out their stocks. Most people are very proud of the rifles and will gladly help another shooter by letting the try the stock out. NOTE: (Shocker) I've gone away from these flat bottom stocks. Like the A-4, A-5's and AICS and est. These stocks have flat bottoms at the rear of the stock. While the look very cool, it's dang near impossible to get elevation from one target to the next in a fast manner. The butt hook is worthless IMHO. No one can hold the rifle with their hand and make repeatable shoots at long range. Between your thumb and index finger is a mass of nerves right where the butt hook lies. With the weight and recoil of a rifle it's impossible for a shooter to hold repeatable accuracy while trying to support the bottom of the rifle. If your only shooting F-class there fine. But, when you have to go from one target at one elevation to another at a higher elevation you can't do it fast. Gunnersgear came out with a great new bag, like a cam. It does help. However, even with that at different elevations we find ourselves squeezing the bag to get that last little bit of elevation out of the rifle. Human nature almost always makes us drop the squeeze at the break of the trigger. Thus allowing the shot to go over the target. Yes, I see this all the time being a long range instructor. If I had to choose just one stock it would be the Manner's MCS-T2A with the butt spacer system. Fully adjustable and with an angle bottom to elevate the rifle. I think (IMHO) this is the best stock on the planet.


      Take care, flea[/b]

      Thanks to working with Flea and Shep, I am now using an "AICS 1.5-ModA"!

      Not exactly as good as some of the other Stocks, but when used with one of Gunner's Cam Bags, a lot better than when I started!

      Thanks again, still a lot to learn!
      M Richardson
      "Old School" US Army 1986 - 1994
      Just Cause - Panama / Desert Storm - Persian Gulf / Restore Hope - Somalia

      Currently doing something that involves a Disaster, Fire, Guns, or Medical Emergency!


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        Out freaking standing Mike!! That's exactly what that stock needs. Yes, Gunners cam bag is great and will aid with any rifle. The problem with flat bottom stocks is getting are target at different ranges fast enough. Somewhere along the way you will find yourself squeezing the bag, holding it on edge or balancing it on the butt hook. This will cause the rifle to recoil differently from the last shot and usually the end result is a miss. For the last 10 years I've tried to shoot the A-4's, A-5's and AICS stock and watched my marksmanship skill degrade. Now, that I have my "Baker Special", (wish it had been the Manners MCS-T2A) however, now my marksmanship skills are coming back. Hopefully after retire in Oct. I will be able to do more practicing and actually be behind the rifle in stead of the spotting scope.

        Great job, Mike!

        Shoot well, flea
        "with the patience of an oyster....I watch and wait"

        Training the US, one shooter at a time.