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    Hey Fuzzytek,

    We would be glad to help you in anyway we can. Good to have you on the site.

    Take care, Vern
    "with the patience of an oyster....I watch and wait"

    Training the US, one shooter at a time.


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      Thanks alot Vern. Thats good stuff.
      No man knows how bad he is, until he has tried very hard to be good.
      C.S. Lewis


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        Thanks Vern-Lee
        XX-Special Forces Assn. (MN
        Retired Deputy Sheriff
        SSG Airborne Inf. (Ret


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          Hey Vern,

          Thanks for putting this together in such a concise post and thank you for always being willing to share the vast knowledge and experience that you have with all of us. I know it will really help a lot of people (::cough:: .. me).
          America deserves to know her heroes!


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            Thanx Vern, I'm looking forward to it as well, already have part of next year's vacation time earmarked for just that purpose...
            I am a Patriot...First, Foremost, and Always... "Our Bill Of Rights is not negotiable. Not one single part, not ever. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the range." "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." - John F. Kennedy pa?tri?ot?ism -(noun)- devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty.


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              Thanks for the congrats, Vern-

              Never could have done it without all I (we) learned from the time spent with you, Master Flea

              Before we met, I had done alot of reading (and shooting)- and had enough of a handle on it to be dangerous- but spending a few days with you has really helped me to start to put a finer point on the wind stuff, and also to realize what level is truly attainable. When I look downrange, I "see" so much more than before, now that you've opened my eyes to it! Dylan too- his shooting has become much more consistent, and he is getting pretty darn good at watching and reading the wind.

              In the past, I had (at least sort of) believed what others said, like "Oh Hell- correcting for spindrift is crazy, it amounts to about the same as a 1mph wind, and NOBODY can call the wind to within 1 mph." "There's no way you can see what the wind is doing way out there by the target, and it doesn't matter anyway." "First round hits at long distances cannot be achieved with any consistency, you have to just take your best guess, send one, watch for the impact, and quickly correct for a second-round hit."

              Well- it didn't take much time hanging with you to realize that it IS possible, because I SAW YOU DO IT, time and time again. And not just at your "home range", where you know the wind patterns- up at our place with Dylan and Laura- you took their dope, figured the wind for them, and put them RIGHT ON 9 targets out of 10. It was hard to stop grinning, and I wasn't even shooting, LOL.

              Vern- Friend, Brother, Teacher, Mentor, and Antagonist, when needed:

              I am truly grateful for the opportunity, I have learned much from you, and I have much to learn yet- know that it is all being passed down to the Kids. They are our future.

              Everyone needs to know how to shoot, move, and communicate. Those Zombies aren't going to shoot themselves, you know



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                Thanks Casey, Lee, Nate and Dshai I appreciate it very much.


                Brother, I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was help the kids! Your right they are our shooting future and we need to take the time to help them in every way.

                Working with you and Ed has been a blast. We learn, we laugh, we BS and we learn some more. It really does my heart good to see how hard you guys have worked and how well you put it together and are winning sniper matches.

                You know I have so much fun teaching everyone, I guess that's why I've hung in there for 33 years doing it. It's such a pleasure to see folks when it all comes together. When I get the phone calls telling me how y'all made first round hits at 900 and 1000+ yards is a hoot.

                My dear old Grand Dad asked me to pass it on and I've done my best. He was certainly the best wind reader I've ever known. I ain't just saying this because of who he was, he really was a great wind reader. I couldn't ever be as good as he was but I do my best. Going to someone's own range and putting them on 9 out of 10 targets out to 1000 yards in 8 to 10 mph winds is a good feeling. However, it could not be done if you and Ed hadn't taught the kids how to shoot that well. You both need kodo's for teaching them such good marksmanship.

                Your all welcome at my fire anytime, Vern
                "with the patience of an oyster....I watch and wait"

                Training the US, one shooter at a time.



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                  Crickey! I just found this... don't know how I missed it up to this point. Great info!
                  I will be reading an rereading this for quite sometime. I guess I really need to get a Kestrel 4000 and a good spotting scope huh?
                  I've been putting it off and buying ammo but I can see that my shooting is stuck on a plateau and I'm getting a bit sick of having to make follow up shots on targets I know I would hit if I'd read the wind right.

                  Thanks again for posting your wisdom Sir!

                  "I work with the customers so the engineers don't have to... I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS PEOPLE!"


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                    I am really grateful to be able to read this thread. What a treasure for people to have.
                    May I ask if you've thought about making a CD to sell for those who can't really figure
                    a way to go to you in person? {due to their budget or time constraints or what ever}
                    JACK) Shooter-Diver


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                      Yes, sir. A couple of years ago some folks asked me about making a video. I didn't like the idea but as my body is failing and retirement after Oct. (for real this time) I'm thinking real hard about it. I've been talking to a few people about making a three part set.

                      Right now there is some very bad info out there about wind reading that just is not correct. Those of you that have seen this work know it's dead on the money. Wind drift is over 120 years old and deadly accurate. Learning to read your natural wind indicators is the hard part. Reading leaves, trees, bushes and what you feel on your body takes a few months of practice. (like anything else) Then the rest is all simple math.

                      First as with anything, our marksmanship has to be spot on! Remember the last SP Rendezvous? Shep was on the rifle and I called his wind. Out of all the targets he missed two. He called his own mistakes on both. He had first round hits on all but two targets from 300 yards out to 1400 yards. Wind was 9 MPH from 11 o'clock and fishtailing. Some shots had to be timed. These are the kind of things that need to be covered in a DVD set.

                      Being on Social Security now, I will have to find to funding to put this together. If it works out like want it to it will be well worth the money.

                      Take care, Vern
                      "with the patience of an oyster....I watch and wait"

                      Training the US, one shooter at a time.



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                        I hope the DVD can come to life. It will be a huge seller!
                        JACK) Shooter-Diver