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Camouflage for different terrains

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  • Camouflage for different terrains

    How would a sniper in the field figure out the pattern of camouflage that he would use?

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    That would take up a small book...but. You would look at the terrain in front of you closely. Observe what colors and textures make up the cover from ground to about 24 inches above, this is the area a sniper operates in. Then mimic those colors and textures in your camo. Use a base color of the most common color, then add the next most common, then least use paterns similar to the natural colors. use a method that creates NO hard edges you want to blurr out at distance, hard edges when using eyes or optics draw attention. Human eyes focus on a rather narrow plane, optics generally even a smaller plane so things that appear sharp draw attention because they appear flat and un a drawing or painting to much is in focus. A trick used by seasoned/blooded shooters is to use the optics on areas and rack through the focus, you can actually "slice" through cover, as you rack through as one set of objects go out of focus a second, third and so on come into focus. If you rack through and come to a "road block" focus on a pattern and as you rack nothing behind comes to focus you have "hit" camo, a target, and the area bears a much closr look to either confirm it's a target or a natural abnormality. This is a rather simple discription of a very useful technique but gives you an idea of just why you want the blurr factor in your camo.

    This is also the reason the "one camo" fits all just doesn't work. The lesson was learned with the DCU(Desert Combat Uniform) the old 6 color was suppossed to be the standard DCU, well the darker browns and such worked well in the deserts of the south west but totaly stood out in the deserts of southern Iraq and Kuwait, the new 3 color works much better in the more sandy less rock covered areas. The poorest in use currently ios the woodland garbage, it fits nowhere and has highly identifiable stencil patterns such as the shoot me black "W", there really is no common BLACK items in nature, "black holes" cause a closer look. The other problem is the woodland blends to a dark overall look at range, the old OG107 is actually as good if not better at range.

    OOOPs rambled off the subject a little there, sorry. Hope this gives you an idea of how and why camo is choosen for certain terrain and how to go about using it.

    Take care...Jim

    **Subject matter is totally sound, no claims made for grammar or spelling eek

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