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  • JY
    started a topic ISRAELI IDF ISSUE HEADGEAR


    The Israeli Defense Forces are not known as a spit and polish military actually they are rather...well,,,sloppy organization lol! Prior to our deployment to Korea we spent a good amount of time with these excellent soldiers. generally it can be said the favorite headgear of the IDF is the "Kova Raful" a boonie type hat made of rather light material with a simple lace type chin strap. second would be the "new style" baseball caps with unit insignia embroidered on the front. Least popular is te beret and it's metal cap badge worn, well not in the traditional sense, as a dress cap. The beret is usually stipped of liner, folded and ironed flat then worn in the epaulet if the shirt or jacket not on the head LOL! Normal IDF units such as regular infantry, artillery and such wear the Kevlar helmet in the field while SF/Airborne will wear the Kova Raful or baseball caps, berets are seldom worn in the field and hardly ever worn on the head LOL! So without further ado we introduce to you, the headgear of the IDF

    First up is the favorite, the Kova Raful. The earlier hats had a yellow IDF (Zahal) patch on the left side of the hat. Newer hats have the patch in subdued black. Bot have a simple lace chin strap to hold the hat on in wind and chopper down wash....

    As with ALL IDF ISSUE items they are marked with the IDF property markings inside, hard to see at times but ALWAYS marked, without the stamp the hat is a cheap copy usually made in China...

    The second most popular is the OD baseball cap with unit insignia embroidered on the front. In this case "The Golani Brigade" an elite infantry unit of the IDF . The insignia is their famous "Golani bowie knife" which is simllar to a K-Bar but heavier and stronger, the Hebrew above translate to Golani warrior...

    Before we go to the least popular beret, the IDF uses a shoulder tag to ID units. Thes tags have an elastic loop the goes around the epaulet and the tag hangs loosely down from there. These USUALLY are only worn on class Aleph uniforms not the Beth combats, though they are sometime worn there too. Recently a patch backed with Velcro is worn at times on the combats below are some examples NONE will be ID'ed for OPSEC reasons though one is very famous...The regular tag style is on the left the other are the new Velcro patches, we wore one of these on our multicam arm pocket...

    Due to the limitations of photo content the beret will be in the section below.
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  • usngunner
    Nice. We were in Haifa in the early 80's. I like Israel and the Israeli people. We worked with their Naval Forces, those folks did not screw around. Great people.


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  • JY
    Least populat is the beret, the class A headgear. The beret comes in unit colours, brown is Golani, black armour, blue artillery, purple Giavati Infantry and so on. This beret is a Golani beret, called "The potato" because of it's colour with the infantry cap badge worn on a red combat backer...

    This is usually ironed flat and worn tucked under an epaulet on the class A shirt or jacket,,,'like this

    Another view showing the folds, this usually give the beret a distinct look when actually worn on the head..

    Again AL IDF ISSUE items have the Zahal propery markings inside along with sate and size...

    The Golani Brigade brown beret ready to stuff under an epaulet lol!

    This concludes headgear of the IDF, 'cause it's all I saved lol!

    A future article will be posted on the combat uniform shirt and trousers and belt.

    Take care....Jim & Soo-jin..."Hey Dutch, can I have that Israeli lady jacket I found in you duffle bag? it fit nice..."
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