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North Korean KPA field caps

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  • North Korean KPA field caps

    The North Korean KPA wear a distinctive field cap usually, we say usually with the KPA round badge with red star on the front. BUT some SF units remove this badge probably for camou reasons or possibly to look more like the ROK and US troops wearing patrol caps. During the dust ups in the 1960's it was hard to tell who was who at distance because the patrol cap and the KPA cap looked pretty much the same and both sides SF and Rangers normally wore the soft caps not helmets, along with OG fatigue uniforms again of similar cut. Some interesting events took place because of this, to extend the problem until the 1990's Chinese troops were also in the AO and again the field caps were pretty much similar to US patrol caps LOL! On one patrol we were just south of the DMZ we were wearing patrol caps, field jackets and the baggy field trousers with the big cargo pockets..we approached a small stream and a Korean local was working the stream looking for gold. Well in the area all varieties of troops wandered about there was no wire fences back then just a strip of white engineer tape marked the center of the DMZ so you never knew who was out and about. Well we moved towards him, about 30 meters out he looks up and spots us, well, he throws his hands up and shouts "I like Chinese soldiers I chingo, I chingo!!!", my point man replies "What's that you son of b+ch?" and raises his Gustav...The Korean in perfect English yells "Oh sh*t!!!!" Igooooo!!"...well at this juncture all the Rangers crack up laughing, with the baggy trousers and patrol caps we did look like Chinese soldiers. The local we knew, he worked in the mess hall as a DRO, he thought he was one dead Korean and tried to save himself, except wrong Army LOL! So there was confusion in them thar hills at times, and still at times. We aren't even going into the pile cap confusion , no way GI.!!! Well back on subject. here are 3 KPA field caps along with one we are not sure of origin and probably Chinese supplied to the KPA. . I believe we've mentioned before that Korea is a strange place at times, after over 63 years of war things tend to get that way.

    This is the standard KPA officers "Kepi" worn both as dress and field use. It's identified by the vertical red braid on the front and the gold buttons for the chin strap. The buttons have a simple 5 point star on them. and bears the standard red star cap badge.

    KPA enlisted man's "Kepi" with badge and OD buttons again with normal cap badge, worn as both dress and field use..

    Special Forces camouflaged "Kepi" with OD buttons with the 5 point stars on same and cap badge removed...

    Camouflaged "Kepi" used by a KPA SF team, we believe of Chinese origin, no stars on the buttons nor cap badge. BUT we have had one with the cap badge on it, we gave it away to a friend though lol!

    North Korea uses several camouflage patterns so variations abound we chose these two as typical examples for the construction of the cap, not camou.

    We hope you find these of interest as our collection grows we may post more examples of the uniforms, medals and equipment of the KPA.

    Take care...Jim & Soo-jin


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    Nice. Still wanting a fur hat buddy. Got to work on that!

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      The "Kepi" style hat is goofy as hell. But the NK's aren't known for their fashion sense.
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