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ROK MARINES current issue DIGITAL TIGER STRIPE camouflage uniform

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  • ROK MARINES current issue DIGITAL TIGER STRIPE camouflage uniform

    We have been writing and illustrating ROK military camouflaged uniforms and would like to do a "special " review of the current issue ROK Marine Corps camouflage just for our Marine brothers out there. I was lucky enough to be presented with a new unissued set of the new ROKMC for my collection. This uniform is hard to come by even when in tatters, ragged and faded condition, so a NEW UNISSUED is a rarity outside of the ROKMC.

    The item shown is the jacket of the set, the trousers are typical ROK and no different in cut from most current ROK camou trousers so will not be shown due to space available in postings. The jacket has two chest pockets with flap and a single button closure and two shoulder pockets with flaps closed by Velcro. The left shoulder pocket has a pen pocket on it's outside. The front is zipper closed with a Velcro fastened storm flap. Insignia consists of a sewn on ROK Marine tape over the left pocket. Over the right is a Velcro strip for name tag. Rank insignia is sewn on the collar like all other ROK military branches. The jacket has NO epaulettes,

    The camouflage is a digital "tiger stripe" and sometimes called "wave camouflage" in black, tan and green colours. And like the USMC MARPAT has the ROKMC eagle and anchor in the pattern.

    A closer view of the chest area and the mandarin collar closed by Velcro.


    Close view of the ROK Marines tape. Note the ROKMC Eagle and anchor in the pattern.

    Here is the size and property label inside the uniform jacket.

    I hope all our US Marine and ROKMC brothers enjoy this short write up of their very unique camouflage now in service.

    We are planning to do an article on all the camouflage now in use by the ROK and this jacket will also be included in that article along with some intelligence and partisan camou if there is and interest (HID and North Korean liberation army)

    Take care...Jim & Soo-jin...Semper Fi brothers.
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    Nice. Thanks for the update!
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