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KillFlash 40LTC-ARD + Anti laser filter

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  • KillFlash 40LTC-ARD + Anti laser filter

    Have some time this morning, Soo-jin is talking with her family about recent events on her laptop. So here's part two on "SEE, NOT, SEEN" and look mom no laser eye burns.

    The subject is the "KillFlash 40LCT-ARD" NSN 6650-01-537-6906 and the LASER FILTER Unit NSN 1240-01-537-6986. These are issue items for sniper optics with 40mm objective threads, The ARD itself is a military grade version of the "wafer thin" hunting thingies. The Laser Filter is another story, it's restricted and it's capabilities are also restricted. These Laser Filters are on M-22 Binos, M-24 Binos, ANPVS 14, ANPVS 7D's and about any other military optic used on the battlefield. Yes, a battlefield laser can get you and your night vision fry you good boy With the use of LCMS and some you haven't heard of these are needed. Does "Billy Buba's Gun and Deer Jerky Shop" have them, maybe but handle them with care and maybe a machinegun barrel changing mitt Again Tenebraex can steer legal end-users to a supply if on proper verifiable letterheads.

    The assembly measures at around 3 1/2 inches including threads and consistes of the ARD assembly, Laser Filter assembly and a set ring...

    There are two main assemblies in the device, on the right is the ARD and the left the laser filter assembly...

    here's a down the tub look at the ARD on right, and the laser filter on left...Also the colour cast given by the laser filter shown on white background...

    The "KillFlash" ARD can be used alone on the optic. The optic shown is a Leupold MK4 M-1 10X40mm that has been custom built for us to 16X with wire MILDOT reticle, there's a reason for that ...

    A close up of the mounted ARD...

    The same optic with the complete assembly mounted...

    top view of the mounted assembly...

    This shows the set ring and white index mount. The white index mark is set to and the set ring is backed "in" to lock the assembly in position. Teah there's a reason for this that wil not be discussed here but those using the assembly will know what it's for...

    here's the various numbers you'll need to order the laser filter assembly, treat them gently and don't scratch the lens coating...

    This is a side by side comparison of the older "KillFlash" M-1 for 40mm military optics on the right and the new version for the assembly under discussion the newer mesh is not as fine and cleans easier than the older M-1...

    They both eliminate any glint off your optics at the same angle. LOL, used one of Soo-jin's glass oven dishes to get the photos of the "mesh"..."Dutch you see my glass oven dish? Can't find in kitchen..."

    Here's the spec sheet for the ARD Tenebraex contact information is at the bottom of page...

    The entire assembly comes packed together, and it's really packed well First the assembly is packed with lens tissue inside a brown paper wrapper, then a pink bubble bag, then inside an aluminum sealed vapor bag and finally inside a box...kind of like those Russian "Matryoshka dolls" and takes awhile to get it out of the packing lol.

    Speaking about packing. Once finally get the assembly out of the brown paper wrapping you'll notice a wad of lens tissue in the rear of the laser assembly, no brainer remove it. BUT the assembly comes assembled. LOL, I had one individual mount it and took a look through and got a shocked look on his face and yelled "dammit, my scope is crewed up..." well take the assembly apart there's a second wad of lens tissue like this inside on the front of the filter too

    The assembly works as advertised, flint is eliminated at any angle except straight on and then it won't be noticed long The laser filter keeps you eyes in their sockets and the whole assembly adds little weight to your weapon. The whole device is made of fiber reinforced polymer such as used in polymer pistol frames. Use care when threading the parts together and on the optic it's very easy to cross thread and mess up the plastic parts. It's a pretty straight forward intuitive device to assemble and mount. Like the AGA-ARD for the ACOG, this has "The Blind Mice" seal of approval.

    Take care...Jim

    NOTE: ALL specs and information we feel you should know is in the review. This is no other information we will release about the filter or it's specs.
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    Nice write up and good info JY......
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      Not sure how I missed this one!! Really good info! If either one of those fall off the back of a truck I'd give them a home!

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