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  • Coins? Nope but interesting...

    Soo-jin and I have been moving a lot of our household goods and mementos to our home on Jeju. With our family now returned home we've been sorting and putting things in their place. We know that if the crap hits the fan our home in Paju won't be there anymore and probably all contained will be gone too. It's a fact, Paju is a frontline town and most assuredly will be leveled in the first round of fighting.

    So all our documents in frames, awards and such are now in our home here on Jeju-do and most in place in our home "office" with our computers, desks, and shelves of books, lol you don't realize how many books you have until you move them We have been unpacking and setting up our office stuff and Soo-jin gets two blue velvet covered boxes of the type the ROKA awards medals in out of one packing box and opens them. As asks "Dutch, these yours, ne?" and yes they are. "These important, these belong on your desk. They from important ROKA Generals, not just souvenirs like coins." So they are now on my desk and not stored with my coins

    These are the two boxes she pulled out.

    Both are presented by LTGs and Corps commanders. The ROK Army 703 Ranger Commando Rgt. is in the III ROK Army Corps.

    Mrs. Efficiency is also getting our gear ready for work already and jackets pressed to razor edge creases. Has all our crests and pocket badges ready to put on. And our pocket Bibles ready too. We both carry one in the arm pockets on our jackets and one photo inside, maybe a little corny but we've carried them since last October and they seems to have gotten us through some bad times . My old pocket Bible and the bottle of Hennessy Cognac have been with me for a long time. I hope to soon hand the bottle over to Richard to carry in his ruck for the last salute if the time ever comes, the Bible will go to my son. So here's a bit of our superstitious things. Soo-jin's is the nice pretty Gideon on the left and mine the very fittingly the beat up around the edges old timer

    The photo in the Bibles, and names on the presentations are private, maybe one day if you are ever in my office you can see them all. I hope you find the presentations interesting, and bear through our superstitious icons

    Take care...Jim & Soo-jin

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    "But I've a rendezvous with Death, at midnight in some flaming town, when spring trips north again this year, and I to my pledge word am true, I shall not fail that rendezvous"

    Alan Seeger, KIA Belloy-en-Santerre 4 July 1916, Legion Entrangere, American poet.

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    Corny works. If you ever get an address that isn't classified, I still have a package for you. It will be sitting on my desk waiting.
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