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    So, I bought Meade Redtail 25-75x90. On saturday and sunday I tested it on 300m and 500m match. Temperature of the air was around 20-25C. On 300m through the mirrage I can only think where the bullet hit the target and only when wind takes a time to mirrage to stay still a little moment. 400m and 500m there was no chance to see anythig. The maximumu usable magnify in this sunny day with this temperature was 25x ... not only a little bit higher. So this scope is on the way back to the shop.

    By the way .. on the bottom of the scope was "Made in China".

    So I am looking around for another type of the scope ... now what I am looking at is Celestron 90mm and Celestron C5 Spotter which looks interesting


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      Did anyone tested Celestron Ultima 100ED ?


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        I havn't been here in awhile but this is what I did. I bought the mead, and it's junk. I got a kowa TSN 601 60 mm spotting scope with a 20X60 eye piece. I shoot at 500 meters or 547 yds. The targets are at at fixed ranges. 100meters, 200, meters etc. I use shoot and see targets 12" circles targets and shoot and see man size targets 12X18 inches. I find the Kowa ideal for what I am doing. If the mirage is heavy, it is hard to see holes out to 500 meters, but if the mirage is light, I can see them. So I am happy. I have to be my own spotter, which makes it a little harder in shooting when the wind is the way I want it, because it can shift on you very easily. If I have doped the wind adjustment for a 10mph wind coming from 2:00 and it shifts right to left I might see it in my rifle scope. If I see it, I will hold until it shifts back and then fire. Kowa is a great little spotting scope for my purpose. I shoot for the fun of it, not to break any records. Tom