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How do you fill out your logbook?

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  • How do you fill out your logbook?

    I was looking through the TRGT Sniper Data Book and was wondering about a few things in it. I figured you folks might have already come up with some answers or could point me in the right direction.

    "Zero Summary Chart"
    This page has distances (25-1000) on the left side and temperatures across the top forming a spreadsheet. So...what goes in the boxes? Elevation corrections for true zero at a certain temperature? If that is so I assume in my case the 100 yards box which lines up with 70degrees F would be "0" as that is my zero and the avg temp or so? Not sure about this page at all.

    There are "cold bore data" pages and "zero data" pages. Do many of you note your cold bore shot on the "cold bore date" page and then continue on to another page after the 5th shot?

    When I shoot I record the impact of the cold shot and 4 subsequent shots. I then shoot, but don't record, more at various powers and using various shooting positions. I plan to do more recording of shots in the future, and this book looks pretty good, but I wish it had some sample filled out pages, like the Army and Marine Corps manuals do!

    If someone would scan in a sample from their books, filled out, that would be great!

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    Hi Mike and welcome to Paradise!

    The "zero summary chart", is your most important page of your logbook IMHO. There you collect all you dope (recorded elevation and windage) and place it in the column under the temperature and yardage you shot that day. "Make note at the top of the page", record your altitude. While it's very important to keep records of temperature and distance, it's even more important to keep track of the altitude.

    "Cold bore shot", this is your single most important shot out of your barrel. Some rifles have different zeros for a cold bore as they do for there zero, zero. In other words your clean cold bore shot can be off your zero mark by as much as 1 moa or more. So knowing where that first shot will go is extremely important.

    Simply put, I just I see how far out the clean cold bore shot is in relation to the rest of the group and then log it. Make sure you log any changes from the "clean cold bore shot" and your "cold bore shot". This too can be different. Again, it's most important to know where your first shot will strike.

    I don't use the TRGT logbook, though this is a very good logbook. I designed one that details alot more information and Rebhawk a member here, detailed the rest of it and printed it.

    I believe when your practicing known and unknown distances, you need to record your elevation and windage for each shot. Most logbooks only ask you for a wind reference once. Wind changes for every shot and should be logged accordingly.

    I hope this helps, flea
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      Flea, that helps, thanks for the in depth response. I haven't started using the TRGT book yet, and I would be interested in what you have put together. For the past several years I have just put together my own photo copied book, very ad hoc.