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Using a standard reticle, non-click type scope for long range

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  • Using a standard reticle, non-click type scope for long range

    Most literature seems to be dedicated to using mil-dot, BDC, etc reticles with click turrets or at the least click adjustment scopes. Since I'm poor (codeword for stingy and not wanting to change scopes on a few rifles) are there any pointers to using standard scopes for long range? To save a zero, I thought it might be good to use some nail polish to mark the zero return, of course keeping good dope would help immensely on that as well. It seems to me it would be easier to adjust the crosshairs than to try and do a holdover with no marks, but I may be wrong on that.

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    It will never work perfectly. Theres a lot that will change and go into environmental, your gun, and the changing bore conditions. So that covers the dope...but then that doesnt cover how accurate the scope tracking is....and if there is error. I suppose you could account for it, but im under the impression that they arent made to spin the dial like on target turrets. Also if you're shot is wrong, how will you know where to hold over with out using a frame of reference? In quick, the answer is...its possible...with a lot of headache, and ammo, and failure...but you might be able to hit something really far away with a regular scope.