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2nd post ....Question about a Nightforce ATACR scope screw in .....

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  • 2nd post ....Question about a Nightforce ATACR scope screw in .....

    scope magnification lens.
    I have a few scopes ,vortex pst and nightforce atacr and the vortex crosshairs are big enough for me to see easily but,
    the NF MOAR is a challenge without my 1.25 reading glasses on.

    My question is does anyone make a screw in lens for the NF that I can have a 1.25 prescription made into it like reading glasses ?

    I know I can continue with my glasses but sure would be easier with a screw in magnification lens.

    Thanks for any and all help group.

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    Never heard of anything like that for a rifle scope. I've seen many spotting scopes with screw-in lenses, but not a scope. I believe you're stuck with your glasses, unless you decide to have LASIK.

    You should be able to adjust the diopter to the point where you don't need your glasses. I always have my students look into a bare blue sky when doing so. All you want to do is adjust the reticle until it is sharp and clear and you don't want a target in the background for that. Parallax adjustment will take care of the target
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      Youe right as usual Lasik some day but glasses work now.
      Thanks Rob