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How to climb a ladder with a longarm?

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  • How to climb a ladder with a longarm?

    Since I work in an industrial setting a lot of the time I can come up with some off the wall questions, and I got to thinking how would you climb a ladder with a rifle? I'm not meaning a stepladder or extension ladder, that is easy enough to just position the rifle on your back and go for it, I'm thinking of enclosed ladders or ladders with a cage around the back. I've climbed enough of those to know you will likely be stuck and or frustrated within a few steps. Ladders of this style appear most often in industrial areas, but are fairly common in urban as well. The best idea I could come up with myself is to stow the rifle in a drag bag or similar and tow it behind you as you climbed.

    Sorry for the odd questions, I still have plenty of learning to do.

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    M-4 single point sling around neck muzzle down in front. Long gun with optic loop around neck like single point muzzle down in front both with muzzle between legs as you climb works for me in the Balkans in city areas. Long climbs use a lanyard to keep swing down a bit. If you are not in danger or in need of weapon in a hurry, put in drag bag with cord and pull up once on top.

    Take care...Jim

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      I'll have to try those. Never thought about just looping it around my neck but sounds easy enough on vertical ladders. Thanks for the info.


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        What Jim said! Keeping it in front helps you keep control of it.

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