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    I have went past the first couple of pages of this forum and the vast marjority of posts are regarding guillie suits. I only read a few of them and the ones I've read are good in they detail the construction of a suit with regards of snagging, ease of movement etc. but I haven't see anything with regards to actually blending in with the surroundings. How each piece is added or modified after it's added to blend in with the surroundings. Also what about best location to place yourslf with respect to vegetation and your ghillie suit design? A ghillie suit is a tool. A tool that has to be designed, created and used to function at its maximum capability. I may have missed those posts or threads and if I have forgive my ignorance. But I believe ghillie suit discusions should be alittle more indepth than construction, supplier pricing etc.

    Also what about the other field crafts? Map Reconaissance prior and during the mission, movement thru and around water and wet areas, day and night movement, mout movement, night movement and the thousand other aspects of fieldcraft. If these have been discussed please respond with a link to the post I'd love to see those. It seems by my casual observation that field craft on this forum has been reduced to ghillie suits and optics. I am not trying to be a A** about it but it would be more interesting reading the members on here other than a suits.

    We each have our own training, and experience with this stuff. We talk about how the younger generation doesn't know it or understand it. Why aren't the other fieldcrafts discussed more on here for the younger members to read and understand that Snipers are not just individuals with a rifle and cool looking suit.

    Not trying to be a jerk but was getting extremely bored seeing post after post about ghillie suits. Maybe a sticky thread should be created for ghillie suits and all comments or questions be placed in that one thread. This would creat one comprehensive ghillie suit thread and the other threads can be about other field crafts.

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    Opps just saw the sticky thread about ghillie suits. LOL I should have looked before bending over and putting my head up my a**. But would still love to read about the other field crafts used before my time, during my time and today.


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      This is the first ghillie suit-related thread we've had in YEARS. Thought we pretty much killed that a while back. LOL

      If you've got fieldcraft knowledge you'd like to share, throw it on out there and we'll kick it around. I guess I haven't talked about land nav, comms, movement, reconnaissance and the like very much because no one has been asking about that sort of info, although we do have some of it in the Duty Only Forum.

      Start something and we'll jump on it.

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        Map reconnaissance, what's that? No need for that old timey stuff anymore, we's got all this here GPS stuff. In fact I've invented a better nav. system. It ain't on the market, but it will be soon, I hope. It will be called, A.N.A.L. Guidance Systems, short for: (Anal Navigation & Land Guidance systems) It's a GPS button with electrical protrusion probes that will direct the point man, left, right, forwards, backwards for course directions. Coordinates can be up loaded to said devise by satellite or individual operator.
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          It's been established that 64% of homeless vets are actually First Lieutenants on a Land Nav exercise....
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            You're talking about the last generation of lieutenants, when they actually had to try to learn land nav. The new gen just whips out their smart phone and pull up the GPS app. Of course when the batteries go bad..........

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              As the probable target of the OP I'll answer: Because some of us were / are CiVilians. Like CM mentioned there's some discussion of movement / etc in the Duty forum but unless you were trained professionally (Mil/LEO) you won't have that knowledge / experience to draw on let alone speak to. As civi my only expertise / experience has come from trial and error and books on movement and general field craft available digitally and in paper back (For USNgunner) ;-P. There never use to be a Field Craft section until my original stickied post... a few people have found it useful.
              My personal advice would be "try it"... get the thing built and out in your AO. Then try different types of vegg from the AO to find what blends best without becoming bulky or falling off with normal movement. I started with a full wookie suit and quickly found that it was useless for any kind of movement - kept cutting it down until it was useful. It's an iterative process that nobody can write an exhaustive forum post on. Movement wise, don't silhouette yourself, move as slowly as possible. If you're looking for advice on concealed movement with targets that shoot back you'll need to visit the Duty forum. If you're looking for hunting / Stalking advice I'd say try that forum.
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