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Holy cow, this is an idea whose time is way past due

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  • Holy cow, this is an idea whose time is way past due

    I just got one of these from Mark at Storm Tactical. This thing is the freaking heat! Spiral bound, small enough for a BDU pocket and available with rite in the rain paper, it really makes more sense than the normal full sized book in a lot of situations. He also has a cover available for it to boot.


    I am liking mine a lot. The elevation and wind tables alone make it worth the price. (top row, second from left) I'm thinking of these as a go to book when you are not needing to make range cards and all that jazz. Not taking the place of a full log book, but the grab and go go-to. This could easily live in the glove box, jacket pocket, thigh pocket, etc. For a long range hunter these would be excellent.

    I'm seeing one for each of our rifles soon.

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    Yep, I have had one for a few months and really like it.
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      I wish I had picked up one for each of my hunting rifles before my stuff was boxed up
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