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US Army Interested in Field Solutions to Soldier Camouflage

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  • US Army Interested in Field Solutions to Soldier Camouflage

    $this->unconvert_size(24, US Army Interested in Field Solutions to Soldier Camouflage

    In a Request for Information released last week entitled, “Request for Information on Field Solutions to Soldier Camouflage: Identify in-the-field solutions/materials that will give Soldiers the ability to improve/adjust camouflage uniforms and equipment to better match the specific terrain” the US Army has cast a net seeking “for on-the-spot/field solutions that can be applied to the baseline uniform that will provide for better visual/near-infrared blending for specific areas. These solutions will have the capability to adjust camouflage uniforms and Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) in-the-field to provide enhanced performance in specific sites of conflict.”

    During the Q&A portion of the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort industry day, PEO Soldier officials specifically ruled out such nontraditional solutions for the program which concentrates on a family of printed camouflage patterns for clothing and individual equipment. Apparently, they’ve realized that even three patterns (Temperate, Woodland and Desert) won’t even be specific enough for every environment and that there will be a requirement for even more specific patterns. Considering how long it has taken to make this camo program happen, I don’t blame them. A conflict could well be over before a development program could even begin let alone see its way to completion.

    There’s another interesting aspect to this RFI. If a solution is identified, it could allow the Army to retain a single pattern and just rely on the site specific camo technology for anything that doesn’t match well.

    Having said all of that I have to mention that I’m not sure what happened, but the Army I was in, way back in the 80s taught Soldiers to utilize natural materials from their local environment to further camouflage themselves. This really might be more of a ‘Training’ issue than a ‘Material’ one (DOTMLPF). I’ve noticed a lot of field craft has gone by the wayside. I don’t know if the Army has forgotten lessons learned, leaders aren’t enforcing standards or the Army is just plain tired after 10 years at war.

    At any rate, if you’ve got some great ideas, then check out the RFI and let the Army know about it.
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    Whatever happened to fieldcraft?
    "No sword? Use a stick. No stick? Use a rock. No rock? Use your fists and feet! Lose your life, but make the enemy pay!"


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      Fieldcraft, they put it in a box because most new troops have no idea about hunting or actually being in the wilds. Most grew up where the stongest muscle in their body is their thumb from "texting". They all believe a printed camo pattern on a maternity "top" and "pants" will actually hide them, and do not understand that at 100 meters the "camo" is as effective as plain OD.

      If the future holds a real war, where the other guy has artillery, armor, aircraft and trained armies, with a real army the weakness will be felt with over the top KIA and WIA.

      Just my two won...Jim

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        I oh agree with you. I'm a former Marine, working for the Army's Rapid Equipping Force and am amazed at what some of these guys ask for and the director turns into a requirement. My heart was broken when soldiers told me that even the almighty Marine Corps topped their rifles off with ACOGs. Its a wonder how our armed forces will function without technology. Fieldcraft was taught at MCT/ SOI, now GPSs, Camo-swag, and the tacticool rifle that has more buttons than I care to know about. Still a fan of iron sights or plain old Redfield. No sense in investing in technology if its is difficult to sustain it.
        "No sword? Use a stick. No stick? Use a rock. No rock? Use your fists and feet! Lose your life, but make the enemy pay!"


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          Every 15-20 yrs. the military has to reinvent the wheel! Why? Names have to be made, empires have to be built, new turff has to be explored and protected. If this isn't achieved, it will look as if one is just marking time! If it's good and it works, it really doesn't matter. "Newer is always betterer" What a bunch of bumb A$es!!!!! Plain old O.D. green is still the best all around Cammo. out there. All one has to do is add garnish!!!! But what the CLUCK do old timers know????? The same is true in the shooting world and law inforcement!!!
          I'm currently working on a new cammo. design/smock. When it's worn, one looks just like a pile of crap. It will blend in well when the word turns to $hit!!!!
          Am I being sarcastic, or what?????
          I stand with Israel !!!!!!!!!!!
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            It's funny that video games were mentioned. We forget to mention the movies too. If a video game or movie has it then it has to be the highest speed and the lowest of drag technology and methodogy.

            I was watching my nephews play one of those call of duty or what ever it was called. He starts spitting out all the specs of each weapon and scope, blah blah and tells me which weapon is best for each situation. He knows I am a Marine but that's all he knows. So I patiently sit there and listen to his spill. I just shake my head and ask when do you start the killing. He says I have to make sure I have the best equipment first. I said "ok, makes sense but when does the killing start?" So another minute or two of clicks and selections and he's ready.

            The first thing he does is start running in all kinds of directions and looking for people to shoot. He gets a few shots in and gets killed often. Then I said let me show you some things that might help. I would point out locations to hide, sit, observe and take shots from, where to move to with regards to obstacles to look then move. He killed more and stayed alive longer than before. He then tells me that the chicken way of playing and it's cheating lol. "A real shooter isn't afraid to get out there and shoot" I told him his definition of a real shooter doesn't live long and doesn't have mulitple lives. lol His look told me I wasn't making any sense to him because all he knew was what the game taught him and what he saw other players doing.

            When he was 7 or 8 the kids would play hide and go seek. Well I played with them and I told my nephew I would play with him since the other kids were older. I told him to wear my black jacket and gave him some old black socks to put over his white shoes. It was being played at night. So went way back in the back yard way hid behind a tree (not many places to hide there) and told him to stay in the shadows and to look thru the tree not around it. If the seeker comes in his direction just watch him thru the tree and move around the tree while watching the seeker. He made two trips around the tree before the seeker gave up and went somewhere else. He never did get caught that night. Later he asked me how I knew all of that stuff. I told him I used to play hide and seek too.

            We had alot of fun doing that stuff but he's older now and in college to be a doctor. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

            It's a shame kids are not interested or taught some basic field skills when they are young like I was by my father. We had alot of fun doing it. The sad thing is those same kids are leaders in the military now and that's why basic field skills are not being taught or inforced by unit leaders. I have a step son in the Corps. They are still taught the basics but rarely reinforced in the field. I chewed his a** one day and told him it was his responsibility to use those skills and not the unit leader's.

            Again I have digressed lol sorry