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    So I have finally been able to talk the wife into allowing me to purchase a 50 BMG Rifle... I have narrowed my ultimate choice to the Barrett M107 ( go big or go home right) Here is my delima, 20" or the big a** 29" barrel? I like the idea of the shorter barrel but I have a .308 in a 20" and it has all kinds of muzzle flip, even after adding wieght to it, so I'm pretty sure I wan the 29" but I would like some input on my issue. Thanks in advance.

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    Go with a 29", you will not get complete powder burn with a 20" barrel and will have a loss in velocity. 50BMG is not a close range weapon so having a 29" barrel will benefit you in the long run. a 50 is a heavy weapon and used for long range havoc. It isn't for CQB stuff.

    Shorter Barrel:

    Huge increase in muzzle flash and report
    Decrease in velocity due to incomplete powder burn and the bullet is still accelerating.
    Very Large fireball in low light, no light conditions.

    This was pulled from another site:

    These are approximate numbers and I cannot validate them, but it came from a reputable source.

    using similar loading to a military ball round, 647 gr. projo, 245 gr. H 50 BMG powder, Pmax=52,744 psi

    45" = 3048 fps muzzle velocity, 95.74% powder burn
    36" = 2984, 93.78%
    29" = 2732, 91.34%
    25" = 2614, 89.31%
    24" = 2580, 88.69%
    22" = 2507, 87.28%
    18" = 2329, 83.52%

    Hope this helps you with your project
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      Have you considered a .338 instead? I have an M82 that gathers dust, and the few times I've had it a range it's just not accurate enough for me at distance. Just a thought...


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        Bigger is always better. Ifen yeah needs sumpen fer close in work gets yeah a Louisville Slugger, no muzzle flash, no sound... well hardly, tills yeah hitifies sumpen!!
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          Have you considered a .338 instead? I have an M82 that gathers dust, and the few times I've had it a range it's just not accurate enough for me at distance. Just a thought...[/b]

          Thats the next one on the list.


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            Good Day Everyone,

            The muzzle flip you mentioned in regards to your .308 and its 20" barrel, well it is not the barrel length that is causing that. It is shooting position, more specifically it is caused typically from not being straight behind the rifle and letting the butt of the rifle recoil sorta under your shoulder which allows the muzzle end to rise on that shooter position induced rotational axis. Another thing that will help you with that is how your hold the rifle pressure onto the bipod.

            But getting to your question of 50BMG barrel lengths...I would suggest unless you are going to be needing to put this rifle in and out of relatively small places then there is no need for the shorter barrel. The 29"-32" range is optimum for the 50BMG.

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