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Two guns you have to see to believe

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  • Two guns you have to see to believe

    One-of-a-kind firearms will be on display at the new exhibit at the NRA National Firearms Museum

    This week on Curator’s Corner we saw the Gamechanger, Lady Luck's one-of-a-kind pocket pistol that will be on display at the NRA National Firearms Museum. The brand new Steampunk Guns exhibit opens Friday June 12th and we could not be more excited! This exhibit will shock and amaze any firearm enthusiast as it combines the fantastic world of steampunk and the reality of the modern steel canvas afforded by real firearm designs.

    Along with the Gamechanger, the exhibit will feature the world’s first automatic handgun and Commander O.D. Anderson’s belt-fed submachine gun.

    World’s First Automatic Handgun

    Operating this steam-powered device involves donning the brass & leather gauntlet, complete with its gauges for trigger pull. Fitted with a telescopic sight, this innovative single-action handgun is based on a six-shot .44 Remington percussion revolver and even includes a forward monopod for firing stability.

    Commander O. D. Anderson’s Belt-Fed Submachine Gun

    A streamlined brass-bound .38 design, this drum magazine carbine uses a hand-tensioned ammo belt and open anti-aircraft sights. It was reportedly the concept of the team that designed the Ford Edsel automobile.

    A big thank you to steampunk artist John Belli for loaning these incredible firearms and ModVic, LLC. for making this exhibit possible.

    America deserves to know her heroes!