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Russian Tank Forces – T90 Technology

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  • Russian Tank Forces – T90 Technology

    The Russians*desperately needed to mount a response after the 1991*Gulf War, when the Americans*stormed through the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq.* *The Russian economy’s defense sector was reeling, after the American military’s Abrams M1A1 Main Battle Tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles left the battlefield littered with literally hundreds of burnt-out ...

    America deserves to know her heroes!

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    They'd still end up a pile of flaming hulks, despite the minor upgrades, that is in a primarily tank engagement. The Abrams can pretty much be considered a new platform as they are far superior to the initial M-1design. Still, the question of how the new generation of super tanks would fare in a full threat environment has yet to be answered. You factor in anti-tank weapon systems, air borne threats and artillery, and things could get dicey for sure, especially if there is rough parity of force.