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.41 Magnum and .32 H&R Magnum

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  • .41 Magnum and .32 H&R Magnum

    I'm curious if anyone has used any of these un-popular calibers. After reading about them they're both powerful enough for effective CCW and the .41 mag sounds like a pretty good Deer round. S&W makes a few affordable revolvers in the .32 mag.

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    IMO these rounds are headed the way of the Dodo bird...
    There's nothing a 41 can do that the much more popular 44 mag can do (or better), and ditto for the 32 and 38 spl/357 mag.

    I like to play with many calibers, even wildcats, but there is no practical reason to go for any round different than the most popular ones, in handguns or long guns.


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      I would think 41 mag would be a good medium between .357 and .44, but on the other hand sometimes I load "lighter" loads in my 44, or just use 44 Special.


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        Agreed - Buy lots of brass now.


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          I have a smith .41 mag. 6 inch, shes magnaported, max loads bring f.p.s. to levels that a .44 cant touch. We call it "The Jesus Pistol" Yeah, "jesus" is all I usually hear from anyone who fires it. Put around 2000 rounds through it (hand loads) but brass is rare, and ya just cant buy em anymore. This is a common problem I have learned to avoid. "SUBCALIBER WEAPONS"....I have a VAULT FULL of things I cant get ammo for easily anymore. As far as deer go....I shot one with it, (finished it off) aimed between the eyes, and all that was left after that s.j.h.p. hit was EARS.....everything, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING between em, WAS GONE! My ONLY issue, is AMMO AVALIABLITY!