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"New / Old" Smith & Wesson 5946 Pistols

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  • "New / Old" Smith & Wesson 5946 Pistols

    I picked up 2 beautiful, new in the box S&W 5946 all Stainless 9 MM pistols yesterday at Cabela's. These guns went out of production at or around 1999. The story I heard was that S&W had manufactured a big order for the NYPD. Per a contract they had with them before they ceased civilian production. S&W then warehoused those guns, (or all of the parts). Then, for whatever reason, the NYPD no longer needed or wanted them. I'm assuming this is when they went to Glock's or whatever. So S&W was more or less "stuck" with them. I'm sure there is more to it than that. But that's it in a nutshell. If anyone has more accurate information on these guns, along with how they became available, please post it. The history is a bit sketchy, and in some cases, conflicting.

    Enter Cabela's who bought the entire production run direct from Smith & Wesson. These guns are beautiful! BRAND NEW. All satin Stainless Steel throughout. No Aluminum or plastic.... (Except for the Polymer black grips). And the best part is they all come with Trijicon Novack Style Night Sights, and 3, 15 round Stainless Steel magazines. I've wanted one of these for a long time, and was kicking myself for not buying one when I had the chance back in the 90's. (Most of the used one's I've come across were pretty beat up. Police trade in's, and the like). So I jumped at the opportunity to snag 2 brand new one's in the box. These are double action only, with a spur less hammer. Basically, if you like the 1911, or the Beretta 92-FS, you'll like the ergonomics, along with the heft of this weapon. The Trijicon Night Sights are dated 2014. So they were either added later. Or else the guns were assembled at or around that time from parts S&W already had. Either way they are brand new guns with relatively new night sights.

    The first thing I did when I got home was go into a dark closet, and check the brilliance of the sights. They are bright as any I've ever seen. This is the gun as Cabela's advertises it, along with some quick camera pics of both pistols.

    Smith & WessonŽ Model 5946 Centerfire Pistol : Cabela's