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  • Glock, Springfield, Sig, etc. Opinions

    I am looking to get a new carry pistol, something with more capacity and an upgrade from my 80's technology AMT Backup. Sure, it is reliable, but limited mag capacity and weight make something else look attractive. I would go with either a 9 or 45, just because I already have plenty of both. I know most carry pistols in 45 will have small mag capacity for the short mag, but that is no real concern for me so long as my second mag can be a full-capacity.

    Glock pros: lots of aftermarket support, cheap mags, reliable
    cons: chunky, reliability might be overstated according to a few gunsmiths I've talked to

    Springfield XD pros: love the grip angle and grip safety, feels less "chunky" in my hands
    cons: it's a springfield, mags seem to be steep, I have no idea on reliability

    Sig, esp 320 pros: gimmicky size changes but could possibly be useful, some aftermarket support
    cons: I wasn't impressed by the general feel of one I handled but it was old, didn't see much in the way of mags except sig brand

    Any thoughts? I know I need to get out and fondle the merchandise a bit, but I do value others hands on experience. I would be looking for something that is in the compact or subcompact range.

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    I'm not a Glock fanboy but I do carry one daily. I carry a model 26 with a couple mods. It has in the neighborhood of 1000+/- rounds. Not a single malfunction. I stippled the grip, added a glock extended slide release, extended mag release, and blacked out the factory Glock sights. I run Winchester Ranger 127gr +p+ ammo. It's just a cheap dependable carry gun.
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      I love my XDS. Great pistol, shoots well, never had a mag issue.
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        The Glock is the tried and true of the ones you listed.

        I am very impressed with the range time I've gotten with the Sig P320 so far.

        Look at the HK VP as well. I've always disliked HK and their guns, but am super impressed with the VP.

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