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Powder River Precision XDm Upgrade

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  • Jester896
    started a topic Powder River Precision XDm Upgrade

    Powder River Precision XDm Upgrade

    $this->unconvert_size(12pt;line-height:100%"> </span>Had my buddy tune up the XDm I picked up a while back with a Powder River Precision Drop in kit. The first thing we did was set the blue competition springs off to the side. They are just about right on the money… it took about 50% of the pre-travel out and re-set seems a small amount quicker. Both of those alone are a strong plus. When we first looked at the replacement striker spring it was longer and was about same size and wind by an eyeball comparison. We were concerned about how it was going to be a lighter pull. We shrugged our shoulders and I said go for it. So he also changed the striker spring and the other spring. It took out that door stop spring spongy feel it had and now feels sharp and crisp. I didn’t measure the trigger pull but I would guess it was right in line with their 3.5-4.5 # pull. It has an integral over travel stop over travel stop built into the trigger as a replacement in the kit.

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    <span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"> </span>Seems good be a good change over all.

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  • cmshoot
    Sounds like an easy and worthwhile upgrade.

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