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.308 encore pic

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  • .308 encore pic

    I am into speciality hanguns ,Here is my custom .308 Winchester

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    Very nice! Who's barrel and grips are on it? I also have 1 in 308 with the encore 15" barrel on it.



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      Very nice! I use a TC Contender with a 14" barrel in .375 Winchester to deer hunt up in Ohio with, but it ain't near that fancy!

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        That's very cool Shoulder rig?
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          That's very cool Shoulder rig?[/b]
          The barrel is a 17 3/4" from MGM with a Holland Quick discharge brake. The grip is from High Plains.


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            Nice looking gun. What is the recoil like?

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              Nice looking gun. What is the recoil like?


              The recoil is not bad, About like a .357.