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Consecutive Pairs Drill

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  • Consecutive Pairs Drill

    Consecutive Pairs

    Develops shot-to-shot followthrough, visual and kinesthetic awareness. Shooters moving from slow-fire to rapid-fire often have trouble keeping the gun controlled, or keeping a precise sight picture. This exercise is designed to smooth out your shot-to-shot transitions.

    Need a safe backstop.

    To isolate the mechanics of followthrough, don't set up a target. Instead, fire into the berm. This will prevent you from looking forward past the gun to see your shot placement. As long as the shots will be stopped by the backstop, we don't care where they go. If shooting at an indoor range, set up a target large and close enough that it will catch your fire easily.

    Load a full magazine or cylinder, and with a good sight alignment (sights aligned, but not aimed at anything in particular), carefully fire one shot into the berm. Watch the front sight move through the arc of recoil and return to alignment, and fire a quick followup shot. Pay attention to how the gun feels while shooting, and make sure you aren't shifting your grip or lifting your finger off the trigger between shots. You are letting the gun show you how to fire it smoothly, letting it rise and snap back into alignment until it does this all by itself, as if it were spring-loaded. Watch the front sight, and don't worry about hitting a target--you're just learning how to make your shots feel connected and continuous.

    If something feels wrong, freeze the gun and look at what you are doing. Look especially at your grip, your trigger finger, and where your visual focus is. Correct it, pay attention to it, and keep shooting.

    Repeat this drill for a half hour, and you will have a lot more awareness of how the gun fires and returns to the target. Come back to this drill whenever you find yourself having trouble with follow through mechanics.

    Variations and Similar Drills
    If you're shooting in a range that limits rapid-fire to a shot per second, you can still learn smooth, quick followthrough by using a small target. Practice the above drill (with no target) until you are shooting as fast as the range will allow, and then move to aimed pairs on a 3.5 card at 25-40 feet. Keep shooting pairs, watching the front sight, paying attention to followthrough, and keep your shots on the card. Verifying the sight picture will probably keep you within the slow-fire limits.

    Dan Young
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    Ambrose Redmoon

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    sounds good my friend. 9mm bigun2
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