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F.A.S Test

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  • F.A.S Test

    This is a great 6 round drill devised by Todd Louis Green of

    It can be found here and described in its entirety.

    It is a test of fundamentals, accuracy, and speed hence the acronym FAS Test.

    Give this a try next time you are at the range and post your results here. You can print the official target off at the link if you have access to a printer that prints 8.5x14 legal paper.

    Looks fun and it's measurable for improvement. And its only 6 rounds with one simple and easy to setup target.

    I ain't had a chance to shoot it yet, we'll see how it goes.

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    I ran through this drill several times yesterday. It was a lot colder than I like and drawing my 1911 from concealment (lots of clothing) was necessary. I believe it is a very good drill. I shot in the mid 6 second range twice, but mostly in the mid to high 7 second range. That was as fast as I could safely go. I had a couple of clothing induced malfunctions, which pushed me over 10 seconds a few times. It proves I need a heck of alot of work.

    I am an advocate of shooting COM, then going for head shots, so I reversed the order and shot 4 to the body, reloaded, then fired 2 to the head the last few runs.

    Good stuff. Thanks for the link.
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