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Custom spare carrier, EGA Leatherneck

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  • Custom spare carrier, EGA Leatherneck

    I have become a big fan of the hybrid IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster setups, with the Crossbreed Super Tuck being my favorite. I love the horsehide option, it doesn't soak sweat up like leather and that's a good thing. So when I wanted to add my light to my mag carrier I called them, they don't do custom. Crap.

    So I was looking around and found EGA Custom.

    I contacted Grant and told him what I was after and he told me not a problem. I offered to send him the flashlight I wanted mounted, he said he needed one anyway. Ok then.

    A couple of weeks later, here it is,

    mag carrier.jpg

    I wanted to make sure I had "a light" with me regardless. I opted for the two cell stylus, it's small, has a temporary or click on tail cap, and runs a long time on two AAA's. It sits right next to my mag, adds no bulk, and I'll always have a light.

    I get it, it's not a 1000 lumen death ray, but it's there. Depending on what I'm wearing, I may not have a pocket for a heavy "tactical" light, but I'll have my stylus.

    After wearing it a bit and trying it out, I added a gutted paracord pull-ring to the light to make it an easier draw.

    Grant was great to work with, and other than the chicken, globe and anchor stamped into it , fit and finish is great. I had him make one for my XDS and my Hi-Power, should be good to to all around. I am waiting on a new set of belt clips, the ones in the picture are too small for my ARES Gear enhanced Aegis belt, they won't clip all the way around and stay put. Grant's working on that one now. I put a set of spare Crossbreed clips I had on they are working great. So a minor issue, but one he's addressing.

    Thought you might be interested. If you're wanting a custom set-up, it's worth a call or email.

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