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    I recently had a custom rig made for my HK P7 M8 by R. Grizzle Gunleather of Dahlonega, GA.

    I spoke to Ryan on the phone and he's a great guy, willing to talk over the build and clear up any questions I had.

    I ordered the Working Man holster with no cant in black leather with black sharkskin trim to fit a 1.5" belt. I ordered a matching magazine pouch that held a single magazine in the primary position with a Surefire 6P in the secondary.

    The fit and finish of this rig is spectacular. I've ordered and owned rigs by all the "greats"; Milt Sparks, Del Fatti, Rusty Sherrick, Mitch Rosen and more. Ryan Grizzle's work is every bit up to the standards of these.

    My HK feels like it snaps into the holster with a kydex-like's that perfectly fitted.

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    I had Ryan build me a "High Country" rig for a Glock 36 a year or so ago. Very nice work.
    I currently use a TT Gunleather rig for a Glock 19. Also a quality maker.
    My favorite holster is a Josh Bulman rig for a Glock 36, but Bulman is no longer taking orders.
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      Man that is a beautiful carry rig! I like my 6p also.
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        Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle

        That is some nice Grrrrzizzle