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Daddy is getting a crossbows...please share your wisdom

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  • Daddy is getting a crossbows...please share your wisdom

    So, has anyone around here spent any time on a bow or crossbow?

    My daughter really wanted to get into archery, so Santa is bringing her a cute little 9 year old sized Barnett Tomcat Compound Bow for Christmas. I understand from reliable sources that Santa has a Scorpyd Ventilator coming my way, so I can give the archery thing a run with her...

    I'm a babe in the woods here, on archery as a whole, so any advice is appreciated. I haven't shot a bow myself in better then twenty years, and have never shot a crossbow...

    We aren't allowed in our town to shoot them in the backyard(we have some BS discharge of a deadly weapon ord. that includes bows), but one sporting goods store five minutes from our home has a twenty yard archery range up stairs, and Fort Dix Range 14 is only a half hour away and allows archery out to two hundred I believe, which I'm told is extreme range shooting for bows...

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer...
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    I got to try a vertical Crossbow that blew my mind in accuracy, and the trigger felt nicer than my Timney! I was very impressed. Another cool feature is that it was collapsible, and stock was adjustable. I will try to get info on it for you.

    In the mean time look up Twang N Bang on YouTube. He covers tests on these and other models. Including one that uses an AR lower.
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      I am kind of fond of Mathews Bows. I think a lot of the schools that have archery programs are using their Genesis series because they will virtually fit any shooter.
      The draw length is that is too long...will slap her forarm...and it will not be enjoyable for her. I like Vital Bow Gear rests
      and angled single pin sights...they don't seem as cluttered to me. I also like Scott releases ..Mongoose in particular. Whisker Biscuits will tear the fletching off your arrows in a short time...but they are popular for new shooters.

      Haven't tried shots out to 200 yds but have close to 100 before. We used to play a game where we would shoot hog targets through the deer target after the vital area was removed at 90+ yards...
      had to shoot through the hole in the deer and hit the hog for it to count.
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        Here you go. Doesn't look like much but it's shoots great. I fell immediately in love with it.
        Draw-Loc In-Line Vertical Crossbow

        Here's a link to the the Twang N Bang video review: Twang N Bang Draw-Loc video review
        Here's another link to another Twang N Bang video for the PSE TAC15 crossbow upper that fits on an AR lower: Twang N Bang review on PSE TAC15
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          Give me a call. Been shooting since I was 6. Work part time at a Archery Pro shop going on 2 yrs now.
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            Tac15 is way to expensive for a starter bow. Just the upper is around the $1300 mark.
            With that being said, that is the ultimate crossbow. You can't get better than that.
            It is a definite defensive weapon. The only crossbow I know where 100yrd shots are common place
            In the Jungle, On the hunt, I am The Ghost in the Darkness